10 Best wallpaper for living rooms 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

One of the best ways to add personality to your living room is to install wallpapers. Wallpaper for living room will surely add some elegant ambience to your interior space. Depending on the type of design theme you choose for your living room, injecting your living room with wallpaper is a sure way to freshen up just any of your room space. 

We have made our research to come with the best wallpaper for your living room. Not only that, but we will also give a comprehensive guide as to how to perfectly install the wallpaper to make a perfect interior finish.

Quality living room wallpaper

1. Arthome Faux Foam Bricks 3D Wall Panels

The first product on our list is the Art home wall décor. There’s something unique about this wallpaper, and that is the fact that it allows for DIY. This is one of the best ways to carry your family along while having fun too. It’s a 3D wall panel you’ll love at a glance. The good thing about this wall panel it makes your room space seem increased. 

This material of which this wallpaper panel is made of tells more about the fact that it is environmentally friendly. It is made of soft PE foam, which keeps your children safe in case they accidentally hit the Wall. This material is soundproof, water, and moist proof. With that, maintenance only demands that you wipe dirty areas with wet clothes.

You can use it on a painted surface, wood board, glass surface, and even rough surface. Now, you see why it’s a suitable wallpaper panel for your TV walls, living room, bedroom, stairs, and kitchen.


  • Reduce noise coming from outside
  • Easy to paste
  • Covers more 56square feet and more
  • Water-resistant and moist proof


  • Easily stained due to white color, but very easy to clean


2. SUMGAR 3D Wall Murals Bedroom Large Wallpapers

This is another attractive and cost-effective wallpaper from SUGMAR. Its Crystal version is a quality designed 3D wallpaper that makes your room space seem bigger than the actual size. The modern picture in this wallpaper is a little big secret to why your living will definitely become a beauty.

We checked it build material to see that it is eco-friendly. It’s not the type that’ll strip off with time. It’s made of non-woven textile fibre material, thus, making it breathable and comfortable to apply anywhere within the home.

One interesting thing about this wallpaper is that it doesn’t lose its glue when drenched in water. Besides, the glue is soluble in water. That tells us that it’s a waterproof and moist-proof material. With this wallpaper, you have no cause to worry about your wallpaper getting damaged. Plus, it’s got a brilliant adhesion property that keeps it glued to the Wall for a pretty long time. 


  • Easy to install
  • Ecofriendly material
  • Features non-woven textile fibre materials


  • None


3. Brick Wallpaper-Masione 3D Wall Panels

If you are looking for a realistic wallpaper for your bland room wall at a price worth its quality, then Masione Self-adhesive wallpaper is what you should consider. It comes at a larger dimension compared to most practical 3D wallpapers at the same price. That is to say, 30 pieces of this wallpaper will cover a wall space of 174.39 sq. Ft.

From its name, it’s obvious you don’t need any form of gum to apply this wallpaper- this makes Installation even easier compared to other wallpapers. It’s not a flat wallpaper, and that adds to its practicality, thus looking like a real white break with its 1/3 soft foam thickness.

What’s more, you can apply on any wall ranging from ceramic tile, glass, wood, plastic, metal, paints, and so on. And for the next ten years, you’ll definitely enjoy the overall output this wallpaper will add to your room space. 


  • DIY’s got easy with it
  • Self-adhesive
  • Removal is easy as well
  • It comes in a large dimension


  • None


4. Birwall Faux Rustic Brick Stone Wallpaper

One thing that drew our attention to this wallpaper for the first time is the fact that it mimics an exposed brick. Therefore, if you are looking to bring an urban ambiance into your home, the Birwall wallpaper is the best bet. Besides, each wallpaper set covers up to 57 square feet.

It features an unprepared vinyl-coated material. It’s not in any way a 3D wallpaper, but the design makes it look like it. The pattern is in the form of faux rusted stones to give a more realistic look when noticed from afar. Plus, the wallpaper material is such that it is washable without any stress.

About the Installation, you only need your wallpaper glue to get it done. Although we are not sure if the glue will be included, but not to worry, you can always get that at any local store close to you. 


  • Easy to install
  • It looks more like a 3D wallpaper
  • Material is washable


  • Might have issues with slight deviations in color


5. 3D Damsk Wallpaper

The Damsk 3D Brick Wallpaper is a non-woven wallpaper that will, in no doubt, make a stylish wall in your bedroom, Living room, Study room, TV background, offices, and hotels. The hole pattern on the wallpaper looks like the classic Italian Wall. The 390 x 20.67 inches dimension is an encouraging size for the price. Its silver color is sure to give your room an expensive view.

The Installation’s got no issue with the manufacturer’s comprehensive installation note. And it’s a safe wallpaper to use on any wall as it keeps your walls in good condition even when removed. What’s important is that you purchase enough rolls once and for all so you won’t have to face the problem of color difference. That being said, be sure to do your calculation before going to the store.

However, this wallpaper won’t be advisable for rough or dirty walls. In that case, ensure your walls are kept clear and smooth to have this wallpaper deliver at its best. The only snag is that it’s not pre-pasted, and you have to buy glue and wallpaper powder separately.


  • Installation is pretty easy
  • Gives an expensive look
  • Wallpaper is non-woven


  • Comes with no glue and wallpaper powder


6. Hot Memory 3D Vintage

If you are planning to give your interior space a vintage design theme, the hot memory embossed wallpaper is all you need to lift the view of your room. Build materials are of high quality that promises durability. This wallpaper is made of PVC material, and the good thing about this material is that it’s waterproof. With that, you can choose to use it in your bathroom.

Its material is such that you can easily cut to any shape or size of your choice. You won’t need to hire any interior personnel as it’s an easy-to-install wallpaper for anyone to get along with. Apart from your bathroom, it’ll make an ideal wallpaper for your dining room, living room flyer, hall, accent wall, and bedroom. 

To ensure a perfect installation, be sure first to wipe away oil stains and dust. And then press the wallpaper evenly with a plastic squeezed or soft rag. Start pressing from middle to the edge.


  • High-quality material
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to the shape


  • No adhesive back


7. Modern Leaf Flow Embossed Textured Wallpaper

The first thing that got our attention about the Blooming wallpaper is its thickness, and its non-woven fabric material is one of the reasons why a lot of buyers prefer this wallpaper to others. Or course, it’s a quality wallpaper worth the price.

The blooming wallpaper industry obviously concentrates on providing the populace with quality wallpapers, which features elegant designs. This brand is not an exception to that. The pattern is in the form of a modern leaf flow. It’s a simple design with an overall classic output.

Overall, it’s an environmentally-friendly, strong, soft, and lightweight wallpaper to consider. Plus, it is a water repellant. The only snag is that it features no glue, and you’ll have to buy one in any local store close to you. 


  • Thick and lightweight
  • Made of standard materials
  • It’s water repellant


  • Features no glue


8. QIHANG European Luxury wallpaper

The QIHANG European Embossed Wallpaper comes with a 3D deep embossing pattern. This is one of the newest and best quality surface treatments for wallpaper. This wallpaper texture is obtained from three production processes, thus featuring PVC materials to make an environmentally-friendly wallpaper.

To have this wallpaper glue firmly to the Wall, be sure not to apply it on a dirty or rough wall. That is to say, and you need to wipe the Wall you intend covering clean before Installation. Since it’s not a pre-pasted wallpaper, you’ll need to buy wallpaper glue from any local store close to you.

The intriguing features we can’t but make known are that it is moisture-proof, smoke-proof, soundproof, mold-proof, and as well as waterproof. What’s more, all you need to keep it clean always is damp cotton cloth. 


  • Features high-quality foaming technology
  • Water-resistant and soundproof
  • Maintenance is easy


  • May have issues with the colour difference


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9. QIHANG Modern Simple 3D

The penultimate product on our list is the QIHANG Modern Simple 3D wallpaper. The fact that this wallpaper contains no Formaldehyde and its non-woven shows that it’s an environmentally–friendly wallpaper to consider. Thus, providing high-grade environmental safety. Its high-density foam technology tells more about how satisfying this piece is going to deliver.

The pattern features a sprinkling silver technology, and the overall wallpaper’s durability is a result of the three production processes put into work. In fact, it boasts of quality performance for the next ten years. More on the pattern is the embossed flower, which defines the overall beauty of your living room. 

Since it’s not a pre-pasted wallpaper, you’ll have to produce a mixture of glue and powder to form adhesive on your own. Of course, there’s no issue with getting an adhesive as you can always get it at any local store close to you. In a nutshell, it’s a waterproofed, noise reduction, and anti-mildew wallpaper to use. 


  • Easy to clean
  • Material is environmentally-friendly
  • Stays firm in the next ten years
  • Features a high-density foam technology


  • Color might differ slightly 


10. Decorative Tiles Made from Natural Granite Stone

The last product on our list is yet another attractive wallpaper to give your interior space a vintage view. The W26 is made of top quality canvases, which are known to be extremely adhesive materials. Plus, this material’s got an extra tough and protective matte lamination. With that, you can easily remove and stick again elsewhere.

This is no doubt a perfect wallpaper for any interior space such as bedrooms, dorm rooms, living rooms, and so on. What we like about this product id that it fits well with any design theme you choose for your room. With that, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy this wallpaper.  

Another interesting thing about this wallpaper is that it leaves no traces on the Wall even when removed. However, make sure you are installing it on a dry flat surface to have a brilliant installation.


  • Perfect for any interior space
  • Leaves no mark on walls when removed
  • Made of quality adhesive material


  • Won’t fit well on a rough surface


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Tips on How to Paste Wallpaper For Living Room

wallpaper for living room

  • Prepare the Wall

Before you proceed with any other things, you have to see that your Wall is neat enough and free form dust, otherwise the adhesive (glue) may not firmly hold the wallpaper to the Wall. Mix some portion of warm water with a small amount of vinegar. And with your work gloves, wash the wall area you intend to cover with a sponge and the vinegar solution. With that done, wait until the Wall gets dried.

  • Apply adhesive to the Wall

In most cases, the adhesive will come along with your wallpaper package. For some wallpaper package, the paste will need to be prepared. The best bet is to check for the manufacturer’s direction as to how to go about the adhesive preparation.

With your paint roller, begin to apply the adhesive directly to the Wall in an even and thin coating. In this case, you should apply adhesive on the small portion you’ll be covering first. 

  • Apply the Wallpaper

Now, you can begin to apply your wallpaper. Start from the topside to the left-hand corner to make sure you’re making a straight installation. Interior décor expert suggests you unroll the wallpaper about 5 inches at a time and trim any leftover at the bottom. Repeat this step for other areas till you’ve covered the whole intended space. 

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We hope that the above–discussed best wallpaper for living room will help you make the most suitable choice for your living room. Mind you; all our reviewed product is the type that revolves around any design theme you may have in mind for your living room.

What’s important here is that you try as much as possible to get the actual measurement of your interior space and buy a complete roll. This way, you won’t have to face the issue of color difference.


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