The Safety Tips Guide to help Prevent Home Fire

Last week one of my friend’s houses caught on fire, he loses all of his belongings, and he could not save his children and himself. After listening to that news, only one of his boys successfully got out of the fire, and all other members of his family lost their lives.

When the boy talked to me, he was terrified, and he said that the fire was due to a short circuit and we cannot manage ourselves and become helpless in the fire. After this event, I become sad about losing my friend and become scared about my house and family.

So I decided to research and find helpful tips to prevent a home fire and what to do after a fire. Please read the below content and know about these two essential questions.

What are helpful tips to prevent home fire?

Here are some of the helpful tips that will help you to protect your house from fire.

Safety precautions to be taken to prevent fire in workplace and home:

Regularly inspect all heating sources.

Heating sources are one of the significant reasons for a house on fire. So inspect all of the heating sources regularly, because if any of your heating sources are not working correctly, they could cause a fire to happen.

You should check yourself every week and from some professional maximum after six months. You also need to place the heating sources with no materials to attempt fire, such as your curtains and furniture items.  Properly inspect them and clean them to make your home protected from fire.

Make it your habit to check Smoke detecting alarms.

It may not take much time to check the smoke detecting alarms, but the habit can save you from a big accident. One of the best tips to keep your home protected from fire is to check your smoke detecting alarms.

You will see a small button over the alarm; you can test the alarm by pressing that alarm. If you notice a problem or its beep is weak, you should replace its batteries. Only the proper functioning of your alarm system could protect and save you in case of fire.

Keep your oven and stove clean and in proper functioning.

First, make sure you have placed your stove or oven at a place where there are no curtains or any other item that could cause this to happen. Most of the time, your food items’ residuals can cause a fire, so make it your habit to clean the stove or oven when you have finished your job.

Store flammable items properly

Some of the products that you never think about them, such as hairspray and shaving creams, are also risky for closed heating source placement. Heat can combust such products. Sometimes you also store your vehicle fuel in your house, which is highly flammable. So it is necessary to keep such products correctly and at the proper distance from the heating sources.

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Use candles with care

Research also reveals that people love to use candles on holidays or their special events. But these candles need some precautions to use. It would help if you never left them near the places where curtains, flammable products, or any other material placed. When you are leaving your room, then put the candles off before exiting from the room.

You need to check your fireplace regularly.

Your fireplace can also cause a fire in your house. Properly check their functioning if need some repair and placement, then do it immediately to keep your home safe. When you are leaving the sitting room, make sure you have put off the fireplace properly.

Another primary reason for the fire is ashes from the fireplace, people through ashes back, which are not still cold. So before throwing the ashes of the fireplace outside, make sure ashes are cool enough, and there is no harm now to throw them out. Always dispose of the ashes in the particular metal container that is only made for ashes.

Keep your fire extinguishers in proper functioning.

Fire extinguishers are also a helpful tool if your house is caught on fire. Fire extinguishers need proper maintenance after one year; they may need a refill. So it is necessary to keep your fire extinguishers appropriately functioning and refill them properly.

It is also better to place or hang the extinguishers near risky areas such as the kitchen, fireplace, and any other site that you expect could cause a fire. It will be beneficial to timely control the fire if you have fire extinguishers near the fireplace.

Inspect your electrical wiring and circuit’s breakers

One of the significant reasons is the short circuit or burning of wires in a house, especially when you are not in your home. It is a risk for you if your electric circuit is not working correctly and a problem with the wiring system.

You need to keep your wiring system in proper functioning. Never use low-quality or weaker wires, always use reliable cables in the electric system. Properly inspect the circuit breakers and other electric cords where you feel you are at risk to fire.

Do not leave your kitchen or other heating sources.

Any time when you behave carelessly, it could cause a fire in your house. So it is necessary to remain near the heating source when you are using them, such as oven, stove and do not leave these sources when you need to go away. So when you are cooking or heating something, remain with the heating source and never leave it until you make sure it is off.

Keep carbon monoxide at a low level.

Carbon monoxide is a gas that is odorless and colorless, but it could cause a fire when it is in higher quantity. It releases from the burning of fuel, so do not burn energy inside your home. Some of the familiar sources are stove, coal, gasoline, burning of woods, and heating oil. Try to use these sources only when you need them.

What to do after a fire?

Accidents are part of our life; we are human beings, and there is the possibility of mistakes; so when a house is caught on fire due to any of the reasons, only a wise decision could save our valuable property and life. But what to do after a fire?

Most people become nervous, and they lose what they have instead of holding them. Here are some guidelines for you that will help you to understand how to prevent fire at home.

Leave the house immediately.

If your house caught on fire and you feel you can’t stop the fire, then immediately leave your home. Make sure all of your family members and pets are with you.

Only try to take the valuable property if it is safe; otherwise no need to worry about anything except your family members and pets. There is nothing significant other than their lives and mostly yours.

Find a peaceful place for you to stay.

After a fire, you cannot live in your own house, so you need to find a peaceful place to stay and recover yourself from that stress. You can live in your friend’s or relatives’ house, but you can take a room in the local hotel if you do not have that option.

Many other free alternatives such as shelter homes from the government or private ownership can also be the right place to stay.

Claim your house insurance

The first thing after finding the shelter is to lodge a claim with your insurance agent. Prepare your documents for an insurance claim. Claim funds are significant; they will support you to meet your home repair and family expenses.

Keep all of the receipts with you in a separate file regarding a claim. Your insurance agent will also help you recover your property after cleaning up or restoring the salvageable items.

Keep an eye on your home.

Your home is not now safe for you to live in, but it is still your property, and it is your responsibility to protect your home from unlawful entry and weather effects.

Take care of your family and pets.

Indeed you have or not pets in your home, but if you have, then you must take care of your pets. The most important for you is your family members; being the head of the family, it is your responsibility to arrange shelter and a safe place. It is also your responsibility to release their tension and give them hope.

Arrange your home repairmen and other home items

When you get your insurance claim, you will get an amount for your losses. Now it needs to wisely arrange for all types of repairing services that quickly set your home at the previous and usable condition. After fixing, place home items and making their arrangement.

Final Thoughts:

A home fire can occur with anyone, but some precautions can protect us from such accidents. We have provided you some of the essential tips that will help you to protect your home from fire. But if your house caught on fire, then follow the above helpful guidelines on how to prevent fire accidents at home.

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