A Comprehensive Guide: Power Saws Vs Hand Saws

A saw can be a hand or power tool which can be manual or mechanical. One needs to have proper guidelines and skills about which one to use in which circumstances. Power saws vs. the hand saw, no matter which one is necessary, this article will help you to use these in the desired situations.

What Are These Tools?

The tool saw is used to cut through solid objects like metal, wood, ceramic, etc. The blade consists of is very sharp and toothed, mostly made of steel or carbide. Variety kinds of saws exist.

Such as- hand saw, power saw, circular saw, backsaw, bow saw, bandsaw, etc. To cut with a saw, one has to place the saw on the object then move the saw forcibly back and forth to make a cut. It is better to measure the area where you will place the saw and cut.

Hand Saws

A hand saw, known as a panel saw, is used with bare hands or manually. The existence of a hand saw is older than thousands of years. It is mostly used in carpentry works but also in household works. It is flat but has very sharp edges.

To operate a hand saw, you need the force of the user rather than mechanical. It usually takes longer to operate. The hand saw is divided into many kinds. Such as-

  • Hack Saw
  • Coping Saw
  • Crosscut Saw
  • Pruning Saw
  • Veneer Saw
  • Bow Cut Saw
  • Fret Saw
  • Camping Saw
  • Back Saw
  • Keyhole Saw
  • Wallboard Saw
  • Japanese Saw
  • Bone Saw
  • Rip Cut Saw etc.

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Power Saws

A power saw is a versatile machine, known as the circular saw, generated by electricity, motors, batteries, etc. Typically comes with a variety of blades. Like- circulating, rotating, and reciprocating. These tools can be heavy as well as portable. Some power tools are effortless to operate, and some are very complex and risky. The invention of a power saw is not as old as a hand saw. It was invented in 1923.

With a hand saw, you cut the most challenging objects. It will be easier for you to operate a power tool if you have proper guidelines or training. Many kinds of power saws exist. Such as-

  • Circular Saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Mitre Saw
  • Table Saw
  • Portable Saw
  • Reciprocating Saw
  • Band Saw
  • Chain Saw
  • Tile Saw
  • Track Saw
  • Pole Saw
  • Scroll Saw etc.

Which Saw To Choose Based On Their Features

Before deciding to use a particular saw, you must know the possible attribute of a saw. To select which saw is suitable for work and environment, you must consider the safety, variety, cost, power, ease of use, controllability, etc. By going through all these issues, you may get a clear vision.


Using these tools may cause many accidents, which is why being cautious and safe is the priority. In a comparison between a hand saw and a power saw, a hand saw is safer than a power saw. Hand saws are pretty sharp, but it is manual.

On the other hand, power saws are sharp but very fast as it’s mechanical. You can have a grip or control on hand saws, but you can not control the power saw speed. That is why using a power saw is riskier than a hand saw.

Many accidents occurred to laborers or general people during working with a power saw. As the hand saw’s control depends on the user’s force, you don’t need to use peer pressure like power saws to operate a hand saw.

As the power saw’s speed is fast and sharp, a slight slip may cause a big accident.


The word controllability defines the ability to be controlled by someone or something. The speed of the power saws blade is breakneck and sharp. Having control over power saws is a bit difficult than a hand saw, which is typically used manually.


To operate the hand saw, you need to give much pressure or force to make a cut. But with a power saw, you don’t need to give much force, yet a simple light press can cut through the material.


The cost of a hand saw is way cheaper than a power saw. A good power saw may cost 100 dollars, and an average one can cost up to 20 to 50 dollars. Very expensive power saws can cost even more than 300 dollars.

A good hand will highest cost 60 to 80 dollars, and an average one may even cost 8 to 10 dollars. That defines how cheap the hand saws are. Not to mention, the additional cost of batteries and electricity for the power saws will add up the expense.

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As mentioned before, both the hand saw and power saw have plenty of types. The classification of both hand saw and power saw contains a big list. Both share various kinds of specific details, and each saw has its own specialty.

For example, a pruning saw is a hand saw, specifically made to use in garden works. On the other hand, a jigsaw is a power saw which is suitable for household works. For example, a jigsaw can cut through tile, ceramic, metal, wood, etc.


Portability defines easy to carry or store. Hand saws are usually not that large and easy to carry. Moreover, hand saws are comparatively lightweight. Power saws are typically heavy and big, which indicates that it is not that easy to carry or store.

You can carry hand saws without any hassle and store them anywhere you want. However, you can not carry a power saw as most of them are heavier and oversized.

Although there are some portable power saws, they are still heavier than the hand saws. It isn’t easy to store them, and much heavier if it’s one of those big power saws. You can not move them, yet carrying them and storing them can be difficult as well.

Time Consumption and Precision

You must be looking for a saw that won’t be time-consuming and give a perfect cut. As power saws are faster and sharper, they consume less time than hand saws. A hand saw consumes much more time than a power saw since it takes much force.

When it comes to a precise cut, whether on an object like metal or wood, you need to be more careful. With a hand saw, you could make the cut perfect, so it does not go wrong. With a fast and sharp blade, a power saw might cause any accidental cuts, which can lead the material to disfigure.

When You Should Use A Hand Saw Instead Of A Power Saw

We can conclude with the foregoing description that you can use a hand saw as an alternative to a power saw. To get much more precise cuts, good finishing, clean corners, you may use a hand saw instead of a power saw.

For instance, tree branches, timbers, stairs, rafters, door jambs are the best example where you may use a hand saw. Even a hand saw is a much better option for these than a power saw. Hand saws will provide better finishing to these with less effort.

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Lastly, we can say both kinds of tools have their own variety, expertise, and ability. It totally depends on you which one you will choose, but we tried to portray an outline for your ease. With the article, you can choose the right tool for your outside and household work.

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