How to hang a skateboard swing from a tree?

We all enjoy swings hanged with the tree, it is the best way to provide fun to your children, and sometimes we can also enjoy. They are not costly choices and help us to make our times memorable and funny.

It is a favorite for the children, but we can also memories our childhood golden days on the swing. Modern technology replaces many things, but you can never get such amusement as a natural swing hang with a tree can provides to us.

There are many ways and items use to make a swing and hang with a tree. You may know about skateboards used to ride on smooth roads and skate parks, but you never think they can be a better swing than other manufactured items.

Skateboard swing is one of the best swings that you ever experienced. You do not need complete skateboards; just board is enough to prepare a skateboard swing.

Surely you want to know how you can make a skateboard swing, no need to go anywhere, stay with us to know the detailed guidelines about making a skateboard swing and hanging it from a tree.

How to prepare and hang a skateboard swing from a tree?

It is quite simple to prepare a skateboard swing; follow these simple techniques and prepare and hang a tree’s skateboard swing.

Skateboard tree swing DIY:

  1. Arrange required supplies

You will need to arrange supplies such as a skateboard deck but make sure you have chosen the strong enough deck that can carry your weight and do not choose too thin or too thick a deck.

The second thing that you will need is the rope; a half ½ diameter rope is better to choose. You will also need Minwax polyurethane spray, carabiners, rope clamps, and a one ¼ diameter dowel.

Your swing is undoubtedly the best way to have fun, but if you have used low-quality supplies, it can also harm you, such as breakage of deck or rope. So always try to get better quality supplies for making a perfect swing.

  1. Arrange the required tools

You will also need some tools when you are preparing a swing with a skateboard deck. You will need a cordless electric drill and an electric circular saw for making holes and cutting purposes. It is also better to wear glasses and gloves for safety.

  1. Drill holes on a skateboard deck

Start with drilling holes in the skateboard deck, but it would be helpful to measure proper drilling. Because when you drill holes in the deck at an appropriate distance, they will help you to keep your swing in balance during the ride.

So take measurements of the holes and, with the help of a marker, first mark the gaps; it is better to check the holes before drilling. If you need correction, then you can make changes.

Once you have scored the holes points, switch on your drill. Then place the deck at some safe, smooth surface such as on the table. Now wear your gloves and glasses, then drill the holes on the marked points.

  1. Cut the handles near the drill holes.

Once you have drilled the holes, now measure these locations on the dowel and cut the swing handles. But make sure you have cut the handles of length equal to the width of the deck. It would be helpful to achieving the right balance when riding.

  1. Seal and spray

It would help if you also had sanded and spray to make your deck attractive and useful. First, sand down the dowel handles; after you have correctly sand down the handles, spray them with a single coat of polyurethane to seal them.

  1. Cut required length rope.

Now you need to cut the rope for making a Skateboard tree swing. It is a critical point, and you should be careful at that point. First, measure the length from tree to ground and at what length you want to place your swing.

After taking measurements, cut the two pieces of rope into two equal lengths; equal length is essential to provide you the right balance when riding the swing.

  1. Mark and make a loop in the rope.

After that, place both pieces of rope on a flat surface and mark the loop’s points. You will need clamps to make loops. With the help of clamps, make a loop in the center of each piece of rope.

  1. Knot the rope

Now enter the rope ends in the drilled holes, then in handles, and tie a simple loose knot behind these holes. After that, run these ends through the skateboard deck and then tie a knot there. But keep in mind not making too many tight knots; loose knots are better to use and make adjustments.

  1. Hang the swing with a tree:

Once you have performed all the above steps and prepare a swing for the tree, choose the best tree that is strong and high enough to give proper support to your swing.

Select the right branch that should have the capacity to bear your burden and ensure a safe ride on the swing. Never choose the trees. Those branches are not healthy; always select the strong branched trees for swing.

Now climb up the tree, keep the swing in a bag and hang them back on your back. After reaching the right place, take it out and bind the rope’s first end around the branch.

Then wrap the second rope piece end with the branch, but ensure both have equal lengths and secures them appropriately.

  1. Make adjustment

After hanging it with the tree, check that everything is in proper balance; if there is no balance, you can make small adjustments to make your swing balanced once you have gotten the balance to enjoy a ride on the swing and have great fun.

Final Thoughts:

Skateboard swings provide us great fun; children and even older people also love to take a ride on the swing. There are many types and ways of making a swing for the tree, but a Skate Swing could be one of the best swings you have ever seen. It is straightforward to make a skateboard swing and to hang it for the tree.

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