How to get rid of gnats in the house?

Gnat’s infestation is common for us in our home; they make our food and products spoiled and unhealthy to eat. Everyone wants to get rid of gnats and try to find solutions to get rid of gnats.

These include the small insects that fly, such as fruit flies, drain flies, and fungus gnats. You can control these gnats in some simple ways and can permanently get rid of them. I have found some simple ways on how to get rid of gnats inside the house.

How can you get rid of gnats?

Gnats are common in every home; they enter our home through cracks and holes in windows, walls, doors, and other corners of our home. They infest trash cans, moist places, rotten food, and fruits where organic materials’ decomposition exists. The ponds and water-containing areas such as washrooms, sinks, toilets, and drains are also places where gnats infest.

There are many ways, but here I will provide you some simple ways on how to get rid of gnats inside. Please take a look at these effective solutions.

Identify gnats:

The first and most essential step is to identify the gnats. All small flying bugs are not gnats, so look them closely to identify a gnat or any other bug. The gnats include drain flies, fruit flies, and fungus gnats.  Once you identify them, it will be easy for you to get rid of them.

Remove the sources for gnat infestations.

Please find out the places in your home where they come and where they infest. Try to locate the holes from where they enter your home and then close these holes. After that, eliminate the sources such as water sources or rotten fruits and food pieces. Throw them out of your home to stop their infestation.

How to get rid of gnats in your house with apple cider vinegar?

Prepare a trap with apple cider Vinegar:

Prepare a solution for gnats by adding apple cider vinegar, mix it with few drops of dish soap in a container, and then add sugar and stir all the ingredients. Now place that container near the place where there are gnats.

Keep the bowl close to the sink, washroom, kitchen, or any other site. Gnats will come in the bowl to eat sugar and apple cider vinegar, but the dish wash soap will trap the gnats and causes them to drown.

Kill the gnats with the use of diluted bleach

If you find many gnats in your home, then it is better to kill the gnats. You can use diluted bleach to kill the gnats. It is relatively easy to kill the gnats with diluted bleach. Take the diluted bleach in a bowl and fill the sprayer with diluted bleach.

Now pour that bleach around the sink or the bathtub and leave the place. When the gnats interact with diluted bleach, they will inhale that bleach that will kill them. Please do not use the sink until you have appropriately washed it before using it. If mistakenly you inhale, it will cause breathing problems.

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Use a candle Trap

You may know the use of candles only for lighting purposes, but you never think it could be the best trap for gnats. It is simple, place the candle in a candlestick and then fill the holder with water but make sure you did not fill it. You will need to use that trap at night or in a dark place.

Switch off all the lights in your home and make a darkroom environment, now light your candle. It will work magically; the gnats will attract toward the flame, and when they come closer to the flame, they will burn.

After burning, they will burn in the water and will drown. You may need to set that trap for two to three days to get rid of gnats.

Use a fruit trap to get rid of gnats.

Your rotten fruits are no doubt source for gnat’s infestations, but you can also use these rotten fruits to get rid of gnats. Place your rotten fruits in a jar and cover them with perforated plastic wrap. Gnats will quickly enter the pot, but plastic wrap will stop them from exiting when they try to come out of the jar.

Use chemicals to kill the gnats.

If you face too many gnats in your home, you should try the chemical to kill the gnats. Insecticides are one of the most using tools to kill bugs. But it would help if you had some precautions when using such chemicals to kill the gnats.

You will need to spray or pour the chemical powder around the infested area, but you will need to wear hand gloves. You also need to take care of your children that they do not touch the chemical because it is harmful to life.

Kill the gnats with wine

Your wine not only relaxed your mind but can also help you to get rid of gnats. You do not need to use your wine; only use that wine that is now expiring. When wine expires, it turns like vinegar; you can use that wine vinegar the same as the apple cider vinegar trap.

Add the wine to a small bowl, and then add dish soap to it. The wine will attract the gnats when they come dish soap will trap them.

Get professionals services

If you have tried many tricks, but you cannot get rid of gnats, then you should hire professionals who know many tricks and will make you able to get rid of gnats quickly. You should hire the professionals when they are out of control, no worry, and will not charge you much.

Final Thoughts:

Gnats attack is typical in every home, making our products spoiled and creating a problem for us to use the bathroom, sink, and kitchen. You can try many of the simple tricks to get rid of gnats we have provided you in the above article.

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