How to Choose the Best Bedroom Chandelier?

Chandeliers can be hanged in any room of a house. From a living room to a hallway to a bedroom you can install a chandelier anywhere to set up a unique yet classy look. When you customize your interior, adding a chandelier will enhance the elegance of your interior.

The general idea of hanging a chandelier is to install it in a living room or a dining room. Many people also hang these in lobbies, hallways, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, guest rooms, living rooms, and even in bathrooms. But to increase the sophistication of the interior you can hang chandeliers in your bedroom.

Although hanging a chandelier can be complex as there are many conditions to keep in mind. It is not only about choosing any chandelier but to choose the perfect one which will be suitable for a bedroom. This guide will help you to know how to choose the best bedroom chandelier and some realted information.

How to Choose the Best Bedroom Chandelier?

So, to enhance the beauty and elegance of your bedroom it is compulsory to add a chandelier in your bedroom. Your interior will look more flourish and top notch. When it comes to decorate your interior bedroom should be your first priority. As you will be spending most of your time in your bedroom while you are home. Therefore, to choose the best bedroom chandelier the first and foremost choice will be your mood. Depending on your mood you can decide the best that, which kind of chandelier you want in your bedroom. It is mandatory that the chandelier you will have in your bedroom will go with your mood. Which will help the atmosphere of the room to become soothing, sensual and light for you. Chandelier is the centre of the attraction in a room. It will also be the centre of the conversation when a guest will arrive. To astonish every guest and whoever comes to visit your house a having charming chandelier is the key. But the state of your mind is not the only required option here. While choosing the best chandelier you have to consider facts like the lighting, the placement, the suitable one which will go with your bedroom in the first place. The lighting will also help your mood to get associated with. It will create an ambience which goes well with your mood. There are all sorts of chandeliers available. But only few of them goes well in a bedroom.  By considering all these factors you can choose the best chandelier for your bedroom.

Where should you place your bedroom chandelier?

 To install a chandelier in any room the first thing to measure is the height. For every room, there is a different height to hang a chandelier. For an average bedroom area, the ideal height to hang a chandelier would be 7 feet above the bed. If you want to place the chandelier above the bed you can install it a bit down but not too much lower else it may hit anyone unintentionally. However, if you want to hang the chandelier beside the bed area, above a nightstand, a couch, a tea, or a corner table then hang it 3 feet above the furniture. Moreover, you can just hang it in the center of the room. It will also layout an appealing view of the interior.

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What type of chandelier works best for bedrooms?

 When it comes to the style of a chandelier, there is diversity and elegance as well. If you want to install a chandelier in your room then it is essential for you to know about the kinds. In order to do that, you can choose the best one for your bedroom.

Different types of Chandeliers-

Candle Chandelier- A candle chandelier is a classic chandelier among all of the kinds. From a vintage look to a modern, it can portray all of the looks. Although it is highly suggested for living and dining areas, the glass version of a candle chandelier will give a drop-dead gorgeous look to your bedroom.

Bowl Chandelier– These chandeliers spread a dim glow to the room as the light is directed up to the ceiling. It is an ideal chandelier for the bed area.

Crystal or Glass Chandelier– Crystal and glass chandelier has a variety of designs and forms. The versatile design of these material’s chandeliers creates a lot of attraction. But these are specifically worthy for living, dining, hallway areas and unfit for a bedroom area.

Staircase Chandelier– These are long and have circular step formation. It takes up much vertical space for which it’s not suitable for the bedroom area.

Tiered Chandelier– This one has multiple layers which grasp a lot of space. For this, it is not the ideal kind for a bedroom. Unless, you have an enormous bedroom.

Abstract Chandelier– Abstract Chandeliers are the modern kind of chandeliers. The design is different, fashionable and contemporary, but won’t look very nice in bedroom areas.

Caged Chandelier– Caged Chandeliers come in many shapes like round, oval, square, and sometimes abstract art. It goes well in a hallway or dining area rather than a bedroom area. Strongly recommend not have this one for the bedroom area.

Beaded Chandelier– Beaded chandeliers are very beautiful and very suitable for the bedroom area.

Drum Chandelier– You can guess by the name that this kind of chandelier resembles a drum and that is why it is known as a drum chandelier. If your bedroom is not very big and hanging a chandelier will make the room congested then this is the best kind for you. It is perfect for small or medium-sized bedrooms.

Transitional Chandelier– It is more like a vintage kind of chandelier which goes with the interior which has a vintage look or an old-fashioned vibe. This chandelier is not appropriate for bedroom areas.

Antler Chandelier– These are mostly not suitable for an indoor look, let alone a bedroom. It is highly encouraged to put this in the hallway or in the entrance of the house.

Among all these kinds of chandeliers candle, bowl, beaded, and drum is the kinds that will give your bedroom an elegant and flourish look. Nonetheless, some glass chandeliers may provide a classy look too if it goes with the interior.

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What other lights should you get in your bedroom?

 To pick out the best light setting for your bedroom is necessary as well. The lighting is not only part of the decor of the interior but will also generate an influence on you. It may help you to get an environment according to your mood. It can also affect your sleep cycle. There are many types of lightning but ambient and task lighting will go best with your bedroom.

Ambient lighting is basically a kind of lighting that is natural. This kind of light is the light every room contains before adding other different kinds of lights. It is also known as general lighting. This kind of light has access to every room of the house.

Task lighting is those kinds of lights that have more radiance or brightness so that you can work under it easily. With the help of this light, you can accomplish works like- reading, writing, cooking, makeup etc. It is best to have this light in the kitchen, reading room, working area, dressing room etc.

Having a chandelier in your bedroom won’t change the necessity of general lighting. Task lightings are basically for your work or reading table and dressing table areas. Ambient lighting will be associated with the chandelier you will be hanging on the ceiling.

Is the chandelier necessary?

Well, no. Not necessary but a chandelier in the bedroom will bring out the elegance. It will give the room a classy stylish yet sophisticated look that no one can resist. If you want this elegance in your bedroom then the chandelier is necessary.

Why Bedroom Chandeliers are a Perfect Choice?

 A chandelier can be the most elegant and aesthetic element to your home. Everyone’s home is so precious for them that they need every corner of that interior to look precise and alluring. And if you want this precision in your bedroom then bedroom chandeliers are perfect for your interior.

Final Thoughts

 There you have the guide about how to choose the best bedroom chandelier.

To get a mesmerised bedroom look a chandelier is important for your interior. The chandelier will add a flourishing ambience to the room.

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