A Foolproof Guide to Choosing the Right Paint

You have moved to a new house or reconstruct your house there are things to consider. You are starting from painting interior or exterior walls to reform the living room. Which paint to choose, paint with Roller or Spray paint everything is sorted in this following article.  Just scroll your phone and read this one.

How to choose right paint color for living room

The living room is something about spending leisure time with family. Also, it is something like relaxing after a long working hour at home.

Perfect paint color in the living room is as important as other things of the home as the color and environment of your living room make an impact on your mood also. Nevertheless, to choose the correct color shade for a living is not a hard nut to crack if follow this advice.

Consider these things before buying the right paint color.

Size of the room matters more than anything else. You decorate the living room with furniture and other accessories such as books, paintings according to the size of the room. These also need to be matched with the color.

If you paint the living room in a dark color it is the possibility that the room looks smaller. You can go for light, bright colors in case of a smaller size room. For the large size of rooms make a combination of two colors to your choice.

Paint color of any room depends on the atmosphere of the room also. If you want an elegant living room, then choose some bold colors such as red, royal blue, black, white. Decide any theme of your choice and then select color in consideration of that theme.

Also, for having an airy and fresh looking room, choose some relaxing, bright colors, for example, sunny yellow, off-white, cream, and light shades of blue.

Look at the colors of your couch or some painting hanging on walls of the living room. Try to match these with the color of walls of the living room. Paint a piece of the poster and see if the color goes nicely with that object.

Have a simple look as this place is for spending relaxing time. Go for a neutral look as it will help to focus on other things of the living room. A neutral color is a perfect match for the decoration of the living room. It will make more focus on that elegant artwork of your living room.

Which is the Best Paint for Your Home  

To help you find the best paint for home, this article has shortlisted some best brands.

Behr Marquee Interior Paint

Behr Marquee is reputed for its durability, smooth color, covering cracks on walls. This brand has five star crown on its head by online users along with professionals. With low VOC

It is easy to apply, comes in all the gorgeous colors, four finishes flat/matte, stain, elegant, eggshell and under your budget. Rich in color Marquee takes one coat to create a smooth layer. It is made by Beh’s best formula and long-lasting paint.

Valspar Signature Interior Paint

This one is considered as runner up in the paint clan. It has all the necessary features that you need for your walls. One gallon of this paint can cover 400 square feet. Valspar won’t cost you much; hence it is an elegant choice for walls.

It is 100 % acrylic, low VOC, and self-priming. Despite being less in price, it has five-star ratings from users. Paint it with roller or sprayer it felicitous for all.

It works for the house foundation as well as coloring garden fences. We claim it Best Paint Sprayer for Fences without any second thought.

Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint

Comes with rich colors, thick coat, signature matte finish, this paint is all you need for painting. Chalk paint is a bit expensive than others. It is sold in cans, thirty ounces per cans you need to spend on buying this paint. Go for this paint if you have a high budget.

Benjamin Moore Waterborne Interior Paint

Benjamin got it all you need while painting, and it gives you smooth finishing, durable, excellent coverage. Designed with their advanced technology, it is long-lasting.

Benjamin’s color technology makes it resist fading. Self-priming, zero VOC and four finishing matte, eggshell, saint, semi-gloss. Pick your favourite colors from Benjamin to get the look you dream of your walls.

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To Spray Paint or Roll Paint Your Walls

Those days are long gone when people used to paint walls with brush or Roll. In this advanced days spray paint takes over Roll paint. Spray paints are using for painting enormous walls and properties. Till traditional roll paint holds its unique position for its perfection. Selection between To Spray or Roll Paint Your Wall may become a headache for many.

  • Spray paint requires experience for making a perfect smooth finishing. For anyone without having any experience of painting walls or using spray paint may not work well. Even the expert suggested having a practice before using spray paint. Create an even coat with sprayer paint takes a lot of practice. So, if you are new with spray paint stuff, you must give some trial before the final work. On the other, painting with roller or brush is easy. No previous experiment is necessary for painting a wall with a roller. All you need some colors, brush or roller for painting.


  • Painting with roller less workload as it does not need any special preparation for painting. Rolling paint is a preferable choice for DIYers for its comfortable way of painting. One only need paint, roller, some rags and ladder to do this thing. You can have some rest also whiling painting walls or even take a day off. However, for spraying, you are not allowed to leave it unless it gets done.


  • Spray painting is best for painting difficult sections that are brick walls, crown molding, cornices and popcorn ceiling. Roll is unreachable for these sections. You can not use a roller for a narrow, tiny part of the place. In that case, spray painting is suitable for you to make a smooth finishing.


  • Considering about quality, roller painting is more reliable than spraying. Roller painting creates thicker, smoother and better color on walls. Spray paint takes two to three sprays for providing the perfect colors on the wall.


  • A roller will cost you less compering to spray. Rollers or brush are available in the market with a budget-friendly cost. You have to invest more in spray painting. The spray gun and all other stuff can cost you a huge amount of money.


This is Guide including all information about painting your living room, which paints to choose, paint with roller or spray. Specially, we put the best solution for debate about spray painting and Roll painting along with your confusion about all of these painting related things.

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