Best Ways to Remove Wallpaper: Try this Easy Ways

Imagine you want to redecorate your home, but there are wallpapers all over the walls of your home. It has been a long time; you do not paint walls, and now that you want to do so facing the challenge of removing wallpapers. You have no idea how to dismiss these that too without any disaster.

Find out your solution to this situation in this article. Here, you will get the Best Ways to Remove Wallpapers, which are easy to follow.

Know about Wall  

Before removing wallpaper from a wall, know the type of wall of your home. Usually, older homes have plaster walls. Plaster walls are thick in form; therefore, it is quite simple to remove wallpaper.

On the other, drywall requires a bit more pressure to remove wallpaper. In drywall, wallpaper stays on the wall’s surface, which makes it challenging to remove. That means you may need some equipment to do your job.

Know Your Wallpaper Type 

Wallpaper also varies in size, shape, and quality. There are multiple types of wallpaper available on the market. To get off these things, determine which category of wallpaper is attached to walls. There are three types of wallpaper available on the market: strippable, traditional, and vinyl/laminated wallpaper. All of these have their benefits.

So, it is quite essential to get knowledge about your wall and wallpapers.

Strippable Wallpaper 

These types are easier than the other two types. You can quickly get off them by striping them, and it will come out, causing no damage to the wall. Once it’s glue got loose, it will come out without much effort.

Traditional Wallpaper 

They need a splash of water and ready for removal. The advantage of traditional wallpaper is that it does not require any chemicals or any equipment. You can dispel it with a simple rinse of water.

Vinyl/ Laminated Wallpaper 

Now, this wallpaper may cause you a bit of trouble as it is quite hard to remove them. It will be difficult for water to penetrate its surface. So no doubt, chemical sprays or things are necessary for removing vinyl wallpaper.

Prepare the room for Wallpaper Removal 

  • Cut off the electricity for some time and cover light switches properly with tape.
  • Cover your floor to avoid getting it dirty or damage.
  • Apart from electrical items, remove paintings, wall clocks, or other things from the walls.

Cover furniture with clothes to protect them, especially wallpaper for the living rooms; check these ways for removing wallpaper.

  1. Strippable Wallpaper removal

Required Tools

  • Putty knife
  • A bucket of water
  • Soap
  • Rags

Start with any corner by lifting it with a putty knife. Peel wallpaper at a stretch from the wall but try not to tear it.

Getting done with one corner, move to another, and peel or strip the wallpaper from the wall. As mentioned earlier, strippable wallpapers are the easiest to remove. Remove wallpaper for the living room using this method. Do the same where strippable wallpapers are attached to walls.

Do not forget to clean the wall when all the papers have been getting off for cleansing, mix soap with water, and clean all the leftovers.

  1. for Traditional Wallpaper Removal 

Required Tools

  • Water
  • Soap
  • Rags
  • Putty knife
  • Wallpaper stripper
  • Scoring tools
  • Garden/ Spray bottle

Put wallpaper stripper into a spray bottle and mix it with hot water. This will make the application process easy. Spray this mixer directly on the wallpaper and leave it for several minutes.

Apart from that, peel off the wallpaper with a putty knife. If the wallpaper does not come out, score it with a scoring tool and make it come out from the wall.

Never leave the wall without cleaning it. Wipe it down with soap and water. When you used wallpaper for living rooms, there is no way to leave the room without cleaning the mess.

  1. For inflexible Vinyl or Laminated Wallpaper 

 Required Tools

  • Hot Water
  • Scoring tools
  • Putty knife
  • Soap

Vinyl wallpapers have a reputation for their stubbornness. To remove wallpaper, roll the scoring tool over the wall, roll it from every corner, left to right, up and down due to its sharp teeth.

It will create tiny slits that make the liquid seep in to loosen the glue—Spary hot water to get the wallpaper dissolve. Keep spraying on the wall so you will have less effort to do the thing.

Clean the wall nicely with water to get rid of other dirt.

Peel off Wallpaper 

You can peel off wallpaper if these are not too old. In this way, wallpapers will come out quickly, besides you do not use any materials. It will save you time and energy for sure. Moreover, peeling off never damage your wall as these wallpapers’ glue is not of any good quality.

Some Hacks to Make it Easy

  • Pour a small portion of vinegar on hot water instead of soap for getting the best result. Most people prefer this technique over other things.
  • Do not afraid if you do not like the smell of vinegar. You will find some concentrated wallpaper removal specially designed for this particular job. These are available on the market manufactured by various companies.
  • If you want to avoid chemical products due to the safety of your children, use handheld steamers. This is an old way to remove wallpapers since their less usage nowadays it lost. It’s popularity.
  • Try to use hot water; it helps to get off them quickly.
  • A straightforward hack that may work if you have a hectic routine put new blank white wallpaper on the wall. For this, start applying an oil based primer and attach it with a paint roller to stay fit over the previous wallpaper.


Life becomes easy and effortless when you work with preparation and proper technique. There is no need to carry tension about trivial things like this one, as you know, the best ways to remove wall paper. Choose any of these solutions to your problem and redefine the beauty of your home sweet home.

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