10 Best pendant lights for kitchen 2021 – Reviews and Buyer’s guide

Of course, we want to have a lot of prep work done in the kitchen and need maximum illumination. For this reason, we flood our kitchen ceiling with light bulbs that don’t, in any way, add some beauty to the kitchen. It’s high time you bring your kitchen a more welcoming ambiance with our ten best pendant lights for the kitchen. 

Very well, these light fixtures are available in varying designs, ranging from vintage to modern models. And that’s why you need to consider some important factors before proceeding with any purchase. In this comprehensive guide, we have reviewed the ten best models that’ll help improve the view of your kitchen.

Does pendant lights make the kitchen attractive?

Best pendant lights for kitchen

Just like other light fixtures, pendant lights also give ample illumination. However, they, in most cases, feature the innovation bulbs that allow for color adjustment. Thus, providing a transformative balance and contemporary pattern to your kitchen. With a brilliant array of pendant light designs above your kitchen island, you now have a timeless overall kitchen atmosphere. 

The most intriguing part about the pendant lights is that even when they are not switched on, they still do not give up on the sophisticated ambiance they give your kitchen. The fact that they are dimmable is another great charm you’ll never find with any other light fixture for your kitchen.

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Kitchen Pendant Light

1. Progress Lighting P500023-141 Gulliver Four-Light Pendant

The Progress Lighting P500023-141 pendant light is yet another brilliant pendant light produced by the Gulliver Collections. The pendant light brings back the view of a farmhouse to your kitchen- thus, giving a countryside atmosphere when switched on. Plus, it features three circular bands enrolled together to form an open-design which looks like a rustic farm-basket finish.  

The frame is covered in a dual-toned color, combining a galvanized and old white color. And with the four medium base bulbs, you are sure to get a focused illumination, only that you’ll have to place an order separately. This light fixture is compatible with LED, CFL, halogen, or incandescent bulbs at a maximum power of 75 watts. The most interesting part is that this set of bulbs is known for maximum clear output. Besides, its compatibility with either LED bulb is an indication that you can dim or brighten it to your taste.  

The vintage pendant light fixture is an ideal pick any foyer, dining room, and hallway apart from farmhouse kitchens. Besides, it extends its functionality to urban industrial or coastal settings. Finally, this brand of the Progress light industry is an exceptional product to consider.


  • Compatible with a dimmer switch
  • Beautiful handcraft
  • The frame is covered in dual-tone colour


  • Bulbs not included in the package


2. Charleston Brushed Nickel Pendant Light

It’s high time you breathe a new feel into your world with the Charleston Brushed Nickel Pendant light fixture. Just like the Progress Lighting P500023-141, it’ another outstanding light fixture to add to your home décor. It is inspired by the urban-industrial and farmhouse settings to give your room a touch of vintage elegance.

This is no doubt a product of thoughtful hand craftiness and quality materials from the reputable Franklin Iron Works. This light fixture comes with a clear glass that houses the LED Edison bulb and combined with a brushed nickel finish on the frame. All of these, coupled with the canopy, brings about the eye-catching vintage finish.

More to this, the Edison LED bulb is that it is compatible with a dimmer switch to control light intensity according to use. Plus, this bulb has a maximum power output of 4 watts, which gives invariably 1425 lumen light output. The brightness can be likened to a 100 watt incandescent with a colour temperature of 2700k. 

Finally, the Charleston Brushed Nickel Light will suit the vintage design theme of your dining room, and living room apart from your kitchen. What’s intriguing about this product is that it was carefully finished to make it fit for even slant ceilings. 


  • Can work with slant ceilings
  • Compatible with dimmer switch
  • Made of quality materials
  • Gives maximum brightness


  • None


3. West Ninth Vintage Fayette Wood Pendant

Before we go on ahead to review the Fayette vintage chandelier. We’d like to tell us more about its manufacturer briefly. They deserve some accolades for this beautiful piece of light fixture and their satisfactory customer relationship. 

The West Ninth Vintage has played its game to the top by creating excellent, rustic, and industrial lightings, which are, in most cases, a product of intelligent hand craftiness. Each of their products is made of top quality industrial materials to give an overall exceptional piece.

The Fayette chandelier from the West Ninth Vintage industry is an ideal piece for both residential and commercial spaces. It features a distressed wood that is made to enhance the natural grain light reflection with a Jacobean stain.

You might be discouraged about its overall wooden board, but I bet you’ll definitely want to give this piece a second thought with its ability to work perfectly with a dimmer switch. Thus, allowing you to adjust light brightness to suit your desired mood. 

One fact that emphasizes their credibility is their quality customer relationship. You are free to try the Fayette chandelier for free in the next thirty days to see if you’ll love it or not.


  • Satisfactory customer service
  • Made of quality industrial materials
  • Brightness can be adjusted
  • Ideal for both residential and commercial settings


  • Not good for damp areas


4. Quoizel GRT2814PN Grant Vintage Pendant Lighting

The Quoizel GRT2814PN Vintage lighting Palladian is an absolute nod to the past. It features an opal engraved glass, which brings the time past wonderful moments back to our homes. Precisely, it is inspired by the old classic American style to give your home a touch of nostalgic flair. 

You won’t experience its full effectiveness until you have it hanged over a kitchen island or dinette table as it doesn’t hesitate to provide you with adequate brightness as soon as you switch it on. Apart from the Palladian Bronze finish, you can also get this product in Brushed Nickel Imperial Silver and Weather Brass finishes.

The durability of this product is nothing to worry about as it’s made of quality steel. Besides, the durability extends to its ability to resist rust as confirmed and approved by the ETL. What’s more, its ceiling canopy of 5 inches diameter helps to keep the light rays from scattering all over the space.  

It features A19-Type Incandescent Bulb with a maximum power output of 100watts. The only snag here is that it doesn’t come with the package, but it’s available everywhere in the market. Mind you, this type of bulb is only compatible with an E12 medium-base light socket. Aside from the incandescent bulb, this light fixture can also work perfectly with Halogen, CFL, and LED bulbs. 


  • Made of steel
  • Water-resistant
  • Dimmable when used with a dimmable socket


  • Bulb and junction box not included
  • Need a professional for installation


5. Progress Lighting P5188-09 Pendants

Do you need focused lighting in your kitchen to not only give illumination but also give your kitchen an industrial flair? The Progress Lighting P5188 Fresnel Collection is here to serve you. It’s a beautiful piece to hang above your breakfast nook, kitchen, bar, and home offices in transitional, coastal, or urban settings.

This pendant light fixture is coated in an understated brushed nickel finish, thus complementing your kitchen’s industrial design theme. It features a Fresnel lens, which is made of top-quality prismatic glass. This feature adds to the pendant’s timeless beauty.

The Progress light fixture is medium based bulbs supported. These medium based bulbs included LED, halogen, incandescent, or CFL, which has a maximum power output of 100watts. Aside from that, this light fixture can be used with a dimmer switch, provided you buy the dimmable type bulbs.

This piece boasts of reliability, functionality, and exceptional quality while adding an antique feel to your kitchen décor. Finally, it can be arranged in groups of three to give a transformative illumination to your kitchen space.


  • It’s reliable
  • Gives transformative illumination
  • Compatible with medium based bulbs
  • Features high-quality prismatic glass


  • None


6. HOUDES 50CM Black Pendant

This is another highly effective lighting fixture which is designed to add a beautiful modern flair to your room space. It comes in a moderate dimension of 78 inches Height, 19.7inches Width, and as well 19.7 inches Length. We don’t have detailed information about the design, but at a glance, you’ll fall in love with it.

This light fixture is designed to support only LED bulbs Lights, which are generally known to be energy-saving. Another good thing about these LED bulbs is that they are friendly to the eye and usually support a dimmer switch. With that, you can simply adjust the brightness according to your preference with a remote control which is included in the package. 

This piece gives a natural white light, which is the best bet for studying as it gives no negative effect on your eyes, as mentioned earlier. More to the light’s adjustability is that you can as well adjust light color from natural white to warm white. All this adjustment can be made with a simple push of a button on the remote control. 

This light fixture is suggested for a room size of 10 to 15 square meters. And it’s got a 24-month warranty, that’s to tell you how durable this piece is.  


  • Provides a natural white light
  • 24- Months warranty
  • Support LED bulbs
  • It is portable


  • Not advisable for big room space


7. CLAXY Ecopower Industrial Mini Metal Barn Pendant Light

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The seventh product on our list of the best pendant lights for kitchen is the CLAXY Eco-power Industrial Metal Pendant Light. This is another eye-catching lighting fixture design from a thoughtful and quality-producing lighting industry. 

What we like about this product is that it can fit in any kind of design of the design theme you choose for your room. Its overall design mixes an industrial and modern finish. That is to say, and you can never go wrong with this piece. Furthermore, it features a black barn shade, thus bringing an antique ambiance into your room space, especially when used in a loft-style space.

It features a three E26 based bulb socket. Which means, it is compatible with all sorts of E26 bulbs like LED, INCANDESCENT, and CFL bulbs at a maximum power output of 60 watts. This pendant light fixture supports a dimmer switch provided that the bulbs are dimmable. However, the Edison LED style bulb is recommended due to its energy efficiency. 

It features a 47.24 inches black plastic cord that allows you to adjust the height to your choice. And it’s a perfect light that’s made to blend with any room design theme. What’s more, all necessary fixture parts are included in the pack for easy installation. Mind you; you should hire a licensed electrician for installation. 


  • Compatible with Edison LED bulb
  • It’s an overall modern and vintage finish
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable cord


  • Not advisable for damp location
  • Chain cord can be used instead


8. CLAXY Ecopower Vintage Kitchen

The next product on this comprehensive guide is this light fixture by CLAXY. The CLAXY Ecopower Chandelier Lighting fixture comes with a simple design and delivers effective performance on most kitchens. This piece is one of the easiest light fixtures to install.

The manual guide is composed of clear and comprehensive lines that make installation easy for anyone. The Ecopower Kitchen light fixture is finished in an antique design to boost the sophistication of your kitchen. Be it traditional or modern kitchen design theme; this piece will blend perfectly without any issues.

The Chandelier Pendant light fixture is made of transparent glass to give an even brighter illumination, which tends to last for a very long time. One noteworthy aspect of this light fixture is the adjustable cord, which can be adjusted from 39.4 inches to 47.2 inches. The ETL listed light takes into consideration hard wiring in the process of installation. 

If you are looking to give your kitchen, dining room, living room, bar, bedroom, and café an improved vintage look, then this product is what you should consider instead. 


  • Easy to install
  • Good lighting
  • Beauty and stylish
  • Suitable for many spaces


  • Doesn’t come with bulbs


9. CANARM LPL103A01BK Sussex Integrated Light Pendant

If you are looking for a simple design light fixture to light up your kitchen, then you are probably looking for the Can arm ltd LPL103A01BK Sussex Integrated Pendant. What we like about this piece is that it’s got just one bulb to give you a focused illumination.

This light fixture comes with one of the innovative LED bulbs. We are talking about the energy-saving integrated LED technology, which in no doubt will give you a very bright ambience without consuming much energy. This way, you can cut down on the expenses incurred through electricity bills. This LED bulb produces about 840 lumens of 2700K soft white lighting. It’s a long-lasting bulb which will serve brilliantly for the next 25,000 hours.

The Sussex LED 1 Pendant comes with a black metal shade that houses the LED bulb. It’s got an adjustable chain to fit any ceiling height, thus making it a perfect fit for any space. This will, for sure, add some vintage ambience to not only your kitchen but also your dining room, restaurants, and so on. Finally, so much consideration has been put on its durability, and that’s why we have this product to be a combination of a metal shade and an innovative LED bulb. 


  • It is durable
  • Give your kitchen a vintage ambience
  • Features an adjustable chain
  • It’s a simple design


  • None


10. Unitary Brand Antique Black Shade Glass Jar Pendant Light

The last product on our review guide is the Unitary Antique Pendant Light. I’m glad to let you know that this may be the last product on our list, but it’s not actually the least in terms of functionality. It packs a lot of satisfying and mind-blowing features that you can never go wrong with.

A glance at this product shows that it’ll make a perfect pick for your antique interior design theme. It features a black metal part which is attached to the yellowish-brown glass shade. This glass is taped at the edge with metal to add to its durability. This simple design comes in three separate bulb socket that leads to the same source.

The only snag here is that these bulbs are not included in the package. However, replacing the bulb comes easy since the glass shade has no bottom. This bulb socket only supports the E26 bulb. The good thing about this piece is that it can support a dimmer switch if you use either Edison bulbs, incandescent bulbs, or dimmable LED bulbs. From the manufacturer, LED bulbs are suggested as it saves energy.

This lighting fixture will best fit your dining room and kitchen, as stated by the manufacturer. Plus, you’ll get an easy-to-understand manual guide for quick installation. 


  • It features a comprehensive instructional guide
  • Bulb replacement is easy
  • Compatible with dimmable bulbs


  • Bulbs are not included in the package


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Choosing the Best Kitchen Pendant Light

Best pendant lights for kitchen

Pendant lights are a great piece to add to your kitchen to give a refined illumination while enhancing the interior look at your kitchen space. Below here are the important factors that must be considered to make a perfect choice on the best pendant light for kitchens:

  • Colour and décor

While you are drawing a picture of how you want your kitchen to look like. It is important that you also take in to list a lighting pendant that’ll match the décor of your kitchen. We suggest that you consider vintage models as they provide your kitchen with an ageless ambiance without giving up its adequate illumination.

  • Design

Another important factor to take into account is the design of the pendant light. Some products come with many bulbs, while others feature just one bulb. There are also some models with stylish design, while others have a simple modern design. Whatever design of pendant you want to choose, make sure that it’s not abstract to your kitchen design theme.  

  • Positions

This is yet another crucial factor that you must consider. Where you install your pendant light determines how beautifully it’ll illuminate your kitchen space. We suggest that you hire an interior décor expert at this juncture so that you install the right pendant light in the wrong place. 

  • Room Size

You’ll need to consider the size of your kitchen. What’s important here is that you first check to see that the bulb wattage and the number of bulbs in a pendant will be enough to give adequate illumination. You wouldn’t like your kitchen to look dull, in that case, be sure to check the maximum illumination of a pendant in accordance to your kitchen size. 


There goes our complete review guide of the ten best pendant lights for kitchen you can readily get in the market. One noteworthy fact about the above-discussed products is that they are versatile and practical. They fit perfectly for many types of design themes, including traditional or modern interior kitchens decor. 

They are also pretty simple to install and don’t require any intricate tools. You’ll be able to mount them by simply following the manufacturer’s instructions. Other reasons we assure you of these light fixtures include energy efficiency, good lighting, reliability, durability, and affordability.

I bet you’ll find the model that matches perfectly with your kitchen on our list by carefully measuring your kitchen size and planning your design theme. 

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