11 Best Paper Trimmer Reviews- The Ultimate Buyers’ Guide

Are you bored with cutting paper pieces one at a time? Do you face difficulties to trim the paper in the right shape? Well, cutting and shredding paper in the required size need extra skill and experience. But, the task becomes effortless when you choose the best paper trimmer.

Whether it is for teaching, crafting, or office supply, the right tool can always make the work quicker and easier. Besides, you can save a lot of time just by using the best trimmer. However, choosing the best among all is time-consuming. In this article, we have shortlisted the 11 best paper trimmer considering features and performance.

A list of Top 11 Paper Trimmers

Check out this quick overview of our listed items

  • Westcott ACM15107 TrimAir Titanium Wood Guillotine Paper Trimmer
  • CARL Heavy-Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer
  • Dahle 534 Professional Guillotine Trimmer
  • X-ACTO Plastic Base Laser Guillotine Trimmer
  • HFS (R) Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter
  • Fiskars Procision Rotary Bypass Trimmer
  • Swingline ClassicCut Pro Trimmer
  • Westcott 15106 12″ TrimAir Titanium Wood Guillotine Paper Trimmer
  • Mophorn Paper Cutter A3 Industrial Heavy Duty Guillotine Trimmer
  • Dahle 550 Professional Rotary Trimmer
  • Dahle 561 Premium Guillotine Trimmer

11 best paper trimmer Reviews 2021:

  1. Westcott ACM15107 TrimAir Titanium Wood Guillotine Paper Trimmer

The Westcott TrimAir Titanium Paper Trimmer might be the best choice for those who want to buy a multi-purpose trimmer that works wonderfully in reshaping and cutting papers. This is our first suggestion, and we think it won’t ever disappoint you.

Very few products in the market can provide quality and performance at the same time. But Westcott is an exception here. Its contemporary and attractive design features capabilities and exceptional cutting ability.

This trimmer is a combination of wood and plastic. The wooden base is 15” long and provides comfort with a precise cut. The plastic construction is very convenient. It’s light and portable. The handle has anti-microbial protection in it. So, it is safe to use in a crowded office.

This device has an incredible blade that can slice through 30 sheets or 20 pounds of paper in a single cut. It saves your time as well as ensures your safety. This titanium bonded blade has a safety cover in it that reduces accidents and offers effectiveness.

Why Choose?

We recommend Westcott for its extra safety features and high quality. This device has standard quality and effectiveness and will give you a sharp cut in every use.

Westcott 15'' TrimAir Wood Guillotine Paper Cutter & Paper Trimmer, 30 Sheet (15107)
1,517 Reviews
Westcott 15'' TrimAir Wood Guillotine Paper Cutter & Paper Trimmer, 30 Sheet (15107)
  • Featuring titanium-bonded cutting technology and the contemporary design that Westcott is famous for, this cutting machine is designed to deliver unparalleled performance
  • High-performance patented titanium-bonded blade provides three times the strength of stainless steel blades and will stay sharper longer
  • Soft ergonomic handle and safety guard gives you total cutting control


  • Cuts 30 sheets of paper
  • Titanium bonded blade
  • Anti-microbial protection
  • Has a safety guard and size mark


  • Can’t perform a square cut with it
  1. CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer

Are you not very handy with guillotine-style cutters? You may find rotary cutters useful. Carl Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer is the best choice. It is widely acclaimed by all for its huge usefulness and amazing features.

This eco-friendly paper trimmer has a length of 15 inches. The metal base of the trimmer comes with a measurement and alignment grid. The magnetic paper cut is adjustable and can be used by left-handers also. It places the paper on the baseboard. This guide works great for making repetitive cuts.

The trimmer has a carbide blade that ensures a clean and accurate cut. The device holds the paper in the right place with a patented locking rail mechanism. It can cut through 36 sheets of paper at once. Most importantly, the trimmer has a storage compartment where you can store your extra blades and cutting mats.

Why Choose?

Now the question is why is it our peak choice? You can get a replaced perforating blade with it. Now, you don’t have to worry anymore about messing things up. For these amazing features, Carl is one of the best paper trimmers available in the market.

CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer 15inch - 12220,Black And Silver
812 Reviews
CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer 15inch - 12220,Black And Silver
  • Heavy-duty 36-sheet rotary trimmer with carbide blade, patented rail system, calibrated metal base board, adjustable magnetic paper guide and storage compartment.
  • The choice for the most demanding trimming projects.
  • The patented locking rail mechanism hold paper firmly in place while the Premium carbide blade ensures an accurate cut.


  • Metal board is calibrated
  • Has a storage compartment
  • Comes with extra blade
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Eco-friendly product


  • The paper cut cannot be removed


  1. Dahle 533 Professional Guillotine Trimmer

Dahle professional guillotine trimmer is one of the modern technology devices that you want to have on your desk. It does whatever work you need to be done precisely with the help of German technology.

The trimmer can cut pages in 13” length. The sturdy metal base of the trimmer offers a stable foundation. It gives a warranty of durability and will not crack or warp. The base is mainly a solid surface that holds the paper in place.

The most important feature of this product is a self-sharpening blade. You don’t have to worry about having a blunt cut or fear of breaking the blade. It gets sharpened by itself and maintains a honed edge. The new technology blade holds every angle and doesn’t fall.

Fear of getting hurt by paper trimmer will end with the help of this paper trimmer. That’s the reason it is our best choice list. The protective guard provides your fingers with amazing safety.

Why Choose?

This is a dual-purpose guard. You clamp it to hold your paper in place and then it protects your finger from blade contact

Dahle 534 Professional Guillotine Trimmer, 18' Cut Length, 15 Sheet Capacity, Self-Sharpening, Manual Clamp, German Engineered Cutter
127 Reviews
Dahle 534 Professional Guillotine Trimmer, 18" Cut Length, 15 Sheet Capacity, Self-Sharpening, Manual Clamp, German Engineered Cutter
  • [SELF-SHARPENING] -- Cutting blade maintains a perfectly sharp edge
  • [PROTECTIVE GUARD] -- Hold work in place while keeping fingers safe
  • [GERMAN STEEL BLADE] -- Machine ground blade creates the ideal trimming edge


  • Self-sharpening blade
  • Has a protective guard
  • The metal base holds firmly
  • No need to replace blades


  • The handle is not very strong
  1. X-ACTO Plastic Base Laser Guillotine Trimmer

Are you having trouble to get a precise cut every time? Do not panic anymore. X-ACTO Laser Guillotine Trimmer helps you with laser technology to enhance your accuracy. We believe, it can be a worthwhile investment for artists and professionals.

This device has a plastic base and also a plastic safety guard. Moreover, it has standard and metric grids and a built-in ruler. 12 sheets of paper can be cut at a time. The mat of the trimmer is self-healing. Besides, it provides an additional cutting surface. This new technology trimmer ensures coming out of your projects just the way you planned.

The hardened steel blade of this device makes clean and straight cuts every time. This blade has a perpetual edge self-healing system that gets rid of bluntness. The laser guide enhances your accuracy in cuts to the micrometer. The device provides topmost safety with a safety lock handle and finger guard.

Why Choose?

If you are enthusiastic about your crafts and really into precision then this device will be worth buying. It is precise and reliable, so you can count on it without having any second thoughts.


  • Provides accuracy and precision
  • Laser guide helps in trimming
  • Very stable and also portable
  • Self-sharpening edge


  • Positioning the paper is tough


  1. HFS (R) Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter

HFS Stack Guillotine Cutters is a heavy-duty paper trimmer that is well known in every stationary for its great slicing capacity. It is a must-have tool in every office because of its easy operating system and incredible features.

The trimmer is made with a unique hinge system transfer leverage from the handle to the blade while reducing the force needed. It can cut through a whole book at a time as well as save time and strength. The incredible blade can cut through 400 sheets.

The clamp of the device puts an even amount of pressure everywhere while helps to get rid of paper shifts and cracks. The blade is razor-sharp and solid steel made. The device has rubber feet in the bottom that stops the trimmer from sliding. The fence helps cutting  multiple stacks also it is moveable.

Why Choose?

You don’t have to worry about safety measures while working. It has great safety concerns such as guard covers and safety pin mechanism. The base is also printed with grids and measurements. So, this is a trustworthy product to invest your money in.

HFS (R) Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter -12'' (12'' Paper Cutter)
732 Reviews
HFS (R) Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter -12'' (12'' Paper Cutter)
  • [Size]: Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter -12'‘, Base Size: 21" x 15" x 1 1/2” Overall Size: 21" x 15" x 13 1/2" (including cutting bar) Maximum Cutting Width: 12";
  • [Maximum Cutting Capacity]: 400 Sheets (for 2.85oz Letter Paper), The HFS Stack Guillotine Cutters are able to slice through 400 sheets (1.5" thick) in one pass. The built-in heavy-duty clamp puts even pressure across the entire cut area to eliminate paper shift and drag. This model features a 12" cut length from front to back, large enough to cut posters and larger books.
  • [Solid Steel Construction]: Solid steel construction ensures this cutter will last a long time, and you'll be able to tell the moment you pick it up. Rubber feet at each corner stop the cutter from sliding during use, and a removable handle allows for easier storage.


  • Cuts through 400 sheets
  • Time and energy saving
  • Safety concerned
  • Removable blade


  • Not very precise cut
  1. Fiskars Procision Rotary Bypass Trimmer

We all know how hard it is to be precise with paper shredding. So does Fiskars. From that thinking, they come with a unique precise trimmer, Fiskars Procision Rotary Bypass Trimmer. It is a dual-rail system that stabilizes the blade while offering a perfect, wiggle-free cut.

The cutting space is huge and has to mark up to 13”. It can cut any DIY material. You can also make thin strips with the help of proper alignments. The board has a grid line on both the top and bottom of the base. If you have a lot of cutting to do, then it can be the best paper trimmer for you.

The rotary bypass blade does not need a replace.. It has a lifetime warranty. The blade will remain sharp also will give you a precise cut every time. The clear plastic guard keeps the blade safe. The anti-wear veneer surface of the device offers high performance.

Why Choose?

So why will you buy it? That is because; it won’t cause you any trouble in moving. This folding feature makes the trimmer incredible while saving your space. So it is a must-have.

Fiskars Procision Rotary Bypass Trimmer, Orange 12 Inch
1,066 Reviews
Fiskars Procision Rotary Bypass Trimmer, Orange 12 Inch
  • The Fiskars ProCision Rotary Bypass Trimmer features a dual-rail system that eliminates blade wiggle for straight, precise cuts
  • Rotary bypass blade is self-sharpening, so it never needs to be replaced
  • Cuts thick materials such as cork, magnet, chipboard, EVA foam sheets (up to 3 mm) and more


  • Can be folded in half
  • Rotary blade
  • Anti-wear surface
  • Lifetime guaranty
  • Never needs to be replaced


  • Can’t cut heavy papers
  1. Swingline ClassicCut Pro Trimmer

This is another product we think can be a good choice for professionals and artists. This trimmer is easy to operate and perfect for having a quick and clean cut. Documents, photos, or artworks every piece of paper can be trimmed easily.

This tool has a plastic base with an alignment grid and dual scale ruler in it. It has a cutting length of 15”. 10 sheets of paper can easily be trimmed at a time. The base has rubber feet to prevent slipping away. The whole device is very lightweight and can easily be transported.

The blade is made of sharp steel and it is self-sharpening. It effortlessly makes straight cuts on paper. The cutting arm works as a strength provider. Its easy-grip handle makes the cutting process comfortable. The blade swings open and closes easily. Blade latch hook keeps the device locked as a safety precaution. The guard rail keeps the fingers safe.

Why Choose?

You can work this out if you are not a very regular user because it does not have a lifetime guarantee. It has a warranty of 10 years. Moreover, the blade is not replaceable. So, a little concerned use can make this tool worthy.

Swingline Paper Trimmer, Guillotine Paper Cutter, 15' Cut Length, 15 Sheet Capacity, ClassicCut Pro (9115)
578 Reviews
Swingline Paper Trimmer, Guillotine Paper Cutter, 15" Cut Length, 15 Sheet Capacity, ClassicCut Pro (9115)
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – ClassicCut trimmer is built for durability, with a self-sharpening guillotine blade, a sturdy wood base and a metal cutting arm.
  • 15” CUTTING LENGTH – With a 15” cutting length and a 12”x15” base, this trimmer is a solid, reliable option for everyday trimming tasks.
  • CUTS 15 SHEETS – Sharp guillotine blade cleanly cuts up to 15 sheets of paper. It’s perfect for trimming documents and photos, and durable enough to cut through thicker materials, like cardboard.


  • 15” cutting length
  • Lightweight
  • Guard rail keeps safe
  • Self-sharpening blade


  • It doesn’t cut square.
  1. Westcott 15106 12″ TrimAir Titanium Wood Guillotine Paper Trimmer

Westcott has various designs and features in the paper trimmer sector. This guillotine paper trimmer stands out among them because of its durability and high performance. This 12” tool is essential for your workplace because it claims to work better than other tools in the market.

If you need to cut through up to 30 sheets of the paper at once with accuracy, then you will love to bring it home. The wooden base of this device is very strong and sturdy. This machine will not malfunction or break because it promises durability.

The blade is made with a unique formulation of bonded titanium that includes nitride and chromium that provides sharpness to the blade. The bond makes the blade corrosion-free while this stainless steel works 3x better than other blades. Accuracy and precision both can be achieved by this blade.

Why Choose?

A comfortable ergonomic handle gives you ultimate pleasure in cutting. Safety guard helps to protect from getting hurt. Westcott’s this reliable machine can be your favorite scissor by ensuring comfort and durability.

Westcott 12'' TrimAir Wood Guillotine Paper Cutter & Paper Trimmer, 30 Sheet (15106)
1,358 Reviews
Westcott 12'' TrimAir Wood Guillotine Paper Cutter & Paper Trimmer, 30 Sheet (15106)
  • Featuring titanium-bonded cutting technology and the contemporary design that Westcott is famous for, this cutting machine is designed to deliver unparalleled performance
  • High-performance patented titanium-bonded blade provides three times the strength of stainless steel blades and will stay sharper longer
  • Soft ergonomic handle and safety guard gives you total cutting control


  • Anti-microbial protection
  • Titanium bonded blade
  • 15 years warranty
  • Contemporary designed wooden base


  • Crooked cut and not accurate sometimes


  1. Mophorn Paper Cutter A3 Industrial Heavy Duty Guillotine Trimmer

Mophorn Paper Cutter is built for industrial use. This heavy-duty cutter is user friendly and offers premium quality quick cut. It is the perfect choice for small organizations.

The body of the machine is built with modern technology from heavy-duty steel. It offers a stable platform for precise and accurate cuts. The surface of the platform is powder-coated and rust-free also very smooth. It has rubber feet at the bottom to protect the tabletop.

The machine has a locking mechanism to enhance safety. This guillotine cutter can be used for two-handed operation. It has a hardened steel blade professionally made for precise cuts. It can cut 17” in length. The blade is water-resistant and can cut 500 sheets of A3 paper at once. A super long metal handle and a side gauge are also included in the machine to make the process easier.

Why Choose?

The safety lock keeps your hands and fingers away from danger. So, getting injuries is almost impossible. Mophorn does not compromise with safety and performance. These outstanding features make this machine an important tool for your organization.

Mophorn Paper Cutter A3 Industrial Heavy Duty Guillotine Trimmer 17Inch 400 Sheets Heavy Duty Paper Cutter Trimmer Machine (A3-17Inch)
82 Reviews
Mophorn Paper Cutter A3 Industrial Heavy Duty Guillotine Trimmer 17Inch 400 Sheets Heavy Duty Paper Cutter Trimmer Machine (A3-17Inch)
  • Construction: The YG-858 A3 industrial paper cutter is extremely well built. The body of the cutter is made from heavy duty steel. The cutter includes a razor sharp, hardened steel blade, heavy duty, extra long metal handle and adjustable side gauge
  • Performance & Precision: The YG-858 A3 paper cutter will easily cut through 400 sheets of 80g paper. The precision of the YG-858 A3 paper cutter is second to none. With a computer generated grid in inches, the YG-858 A3 paper cutter will give you a perfect cut every time
  • Safety: The YG-858 A3 paper cutter includes a locking mechanism for two handed operation. This helps ensure the users hands or fingers stay completely away from the blade


  • User friendly
  • Can cut 500 sheets of paper
  • Steel made
  • Safety concerned


  • Have to hold the paper while cutting
  1. Dahle 550 Professional Rotary Trimmer

Dahle is renowned in the paper trimming market for its incredible productions with great features. Model 550 is one of the best creations. This Rotary trimmer can cut through both directions and enhances precision and accuracy.

The ground of the machine is metal-based which does not sleep because of rubber feet. It has magnetic alignment as a guide for cutting. Inch, metric, and angled guides are given while it can be adjusted. The machine provides firmness with its automatic clamp. It holds the paper in place securely.

Dahle has great features regarding its blades. In 505 the blade is self-sharpening. It has a 14” cut length. This ultra-precise blade removes even the smallest piece of silver. It can cut through 20 sheets of paper at once. The blade is capable of cutting mm size paper. The blade is encased in a protective house. Moreover, the aluminum guide bar offers strength while cutting thick papers.

Why Choose?

The machine has a warranty for a lifetime. Burr free cut is no longer an issue with this rotary trimmer. It has great popularity among photographers and graphic design for its precision.

Dahle Professional Rolling Trimmer, Up to 20 Sheet
696 Reviews
Dahle Professional Rolling Trimmer, Up to 20 Sheet
  • 14-1/8" Cut Length
  • 20 sheet Capacity
  • Self sharpening blade cuts in both directions


  • Cuts in both direction
  • Dual barrel guide for strength
  • Rotary self-sharpening blade
  • Lifetime warranty
  • An automatic clamp holds the paper in place


  • Not very precise


11.Dahle 561 Premium Guillotine Trimmer

We have enlisted Dahle 561 Premium Guillotine as our final choice for you. This is the safest and most capable trimmer Dahle ever developed. The feature that made it an amazing product is the safety guard. German technology inspired this device can easily remove your tension of getting hurt.

This strong tool has a sturdy metal base with alignment printed on it. It provides a solid foundation that doesn’t crack. This trimmer can cut mat board and 35 sheets of paper at once. It is available in 2 different cut lengths of 14.5” and 15.5”. It is generally used in a heavy application where high performance is necessary.

The trimmer has a honed edge blade with self-sharpening ability. German steel blade works incredibly as a model trimming edge. It holds itself and doesn’t fall unexpectedly. Automatic clamps secure the paper in right place. The blade works well for trimming cardstock, photographs, and mat boards.

Safety is the symbol of 561 guillotine trimmer. The safety guard can rotate and surrounds the blade without obstructing the view.

Why Choose?

This innovative shield protects your hand from getting in the way. This 561 premium guillotine paper cutter can reduce your panic alongside provides you with standard quality and high performance.


  • Automatic clamp
  • German engineered blade
  • Self-sharpening
  • Safety guard
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The alignment grid fades away

Buying Guide for Best Paper Trimmer

Paper Trimmers are one of the essentials of your office. But picking up the right one among all is a bit difficult. Every product has different features to win your trust. You have to consider many things to choose the right one. A brief discussion about buying guide is represented in the following:


 When you think of buying something the first question that pops into your head is how much will it cost. Your budget figures out which product you can take home with yourself. How much can you spend on a paper trimmer will decide which product range you should go for.

A previously fixed budget will allow you to stay on your spending limit. Paper trimmers are not that costly. However, the quality depends on the price tag. This does not mean all the expensive trimmers work great. It’s possible to avail of the perfect one in your budget


 How big is the paper trimmer? What is the size and weight of the trimmer? How much space does it require? You need to find answers to all these questions before buying a trimmer.

Paper trimmer comes in different sizes.

A smaller and portable trimmer will be handy for your personal use. On the contrary, larger trimmers are good for office and industrial use because of the large amount of work they can perform.


 There is numerous type of trimmer available in the market. According to your demand, you can choose a rotary trimmer, guillotine trimmer, or a foam board trimmer. All have different usages. Firstly, you need to have a clear idea of your requirements.

Then, some researches will help you narrow down your search. Thus, you can have a vigorous idea about the type of your desired trimmer.


 The durability, reliability, and convenience of a paper trimmer depend on the materials that were used to build the paper cutter. A metal-based trimmer will be sturdier than a plastic one.

Besides, plastic trimmers are recommended for their lightweight and portability. Wooden and metal-based trimmers are best for precision because of their stable foundation. Maintenance is also effortless.

Sheet Capacity

 Different paper trimmer in the market offers different sheet capacities. You need to have a clear idea of what amount of paper your paper trimmer will cut regularly before making a purchase.

Your workflow decides the required capacity.

The requirement varies in users. Schools and offices need a trimmer with high sheet capacity like CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer which can cut up to 36 sheets of paper.

If you are a hobbyist or artist and need a trimmer to use once in a while then a low sheet capacity trimmer will be enough. Industrial users need to go for a heavy-duty trimmer like Mophorn or HFS trimmer. Moreover, determining the material you want to cut is essential before getting a trimmer. Pick the right tool for a specific purpose.

Cutting Length

 Paper trimmer comes in a lot of cutting range. Mostly, it is between 10 inches to over 60 inches. Though, 12” and 15” trimmers are most preferable and common in the market. They can manage to handle almost every cutting operation. However, you can also find paper trimmers for foam and mat board in cut lengths of 79 inches.

It is ideal to have 12” or 15” trimmers for personal or official use and larger ones for industrial use. Crafters appreciate having mm size cutting ability in their machine. Lastly, it all depends on what do you want to cut with the trimmer, so choose the trimmer accordingly.


Blades of the paper trimmer are the most important feature to look for because this is the item that cuts the paper. Generally, two types of blade are found in trimmers; guillotine and rotary. Both of these are extremely capable and efficient.

Guillotine blades work best for heavy material and paper boards. A rotary blade is used for precise cuts. The rotary blade is popular among crafters, artists, and photographers.

Moreover, the materials of the blades play a great role here. Stainless steel is corrosion free and excellent to use while also it is the cheapest. But it needs replacing and sharpening. Self-sharpening blades can help in this regard. Titanium bonded blades are the best but not very affordable.

Manual or programmed

Yes! There are also automatic or programmed paper trimmers available in the market. Whether, to choose manual or programmed you to have to realize what type of user you are.

If you are a heavy user who has to cut a lot of paper daily, you surely can go for a programmed trimmer. It does not need your hands to hold the paper. The manual machine works great for basic users.

Safety Features

The safety of your hand is important to consider before buying a paper trimmer. Sufficient safety features make the machines more effective.

You have to be extra cautious if it is used in a crowded place like school and office. Most paper trimmers come with features like protective guards, lock in the hatch, safety springs, finger guard, and guard rails. It prevents common danger.


Always buy the paper cutter that has a better warranty. Manufacturers back up their product’s quality with warranty. Return policy and warranty make the product trustworthy.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Which trimmers are best for accuracy?

Answer- Rotary blades are the most precise. Titanium blades are also helpful. Exclusively bonded titanium is ideal for a honed edge.

It does not get blunt easily. So, making a precise cut is effortless than other blades. Stainless steel blades also help to get accuracy. Well, it gets blunt fast and not corrosion-free.

Question 2. Do I need to replace the blades?

Answer- No, it does not require replacing always. Replacing depends on blade quality. Rotary blades come with extra replacement with them.

Some stainless steel blade is self-sharpening. It gets sharpened with every cut. Titanium bonded are anti-rust so, does not get blunt.

However, it always depends on the quality of the blade. Buying a self-sharpening or titanium bonded blade trimmer will not cost you another replacement cost.

Question 3. How can I re-sharpen my paper trimmer blade?

Answer- You can buy a self-sharpening blade. Then, you do not have to worry about sharpening. Well, if you need to sharpen your existing trimmer blade, then firstly, you need to remove the blade and run its flat side across sharpening steel several times. Cutting some aluminum foil will help you to get back its sharpness.

Question 4. How can I cut a paper straight?

Answer- Firstly, you need to place your piece of paper in the right alignment. If you are going to cut several pieces, you can put them together.

After finishing the placement you can swing and pressurize the arm of your trimmer. Cut once, with a honed blade for a precise straight cut.

Question 5. Is paper trimmer safe for hands?

Answer- almost every paper trimmer is concerned about safety. Built-in safety measures are a common feature for paper trimmers. Arm paper trimmers contain plastic guard to prevent dangers.

On the other hand, guillotine paper trimmers have a rail guide as a guard. Though safety protections are implemented, trimmers should be kept away from children. If children use this, adults should supervise.

Picking the Best Paper Trimmer for You

However, if you are still confused about which one to purchase, we can suggest our recommendation. For the standard quality and value, you can go for Fiskars Procision Rotary Bypass Trimmer, and for exclusive quality and ultra-precision you can take CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer with you.

Fiskars provides precision with every cut. Reliability, quality, and affordability all these you can achieve from it. It does good work comparing to its price.

On the contrary, if you are looking for something better than ordinary, you can have the premium quality rotary trimmer of CARL. This rotary blade trimmer comes with replacement blades and space to store them. The price is a little bit over the top but obviously worth it.

Final Thoughts

Well, here you go. We have enlisted carefully the best paper trimmer available in the market. We put the necessary information to guide you in the right direction. You can compare the product quality and buy the desired product.

Still, if you are in confusion the go through the buyer’s guide and check product speculation. This will help you to choose the right paper trimmer.

Moreover, we have added our best choice also at the end of the article. Both of them are reliable and will be worth your money. So, what to wait for? Bring the best trimmer and make your work easier.

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