10 Best Living Wall Planter – A complete Direction of 2021

Picking the best living wall planter for your wall is not as easy as picking a hamburger. Whether beautifying the view or improving the health, living wall planter is probably the best route to take.
A wall planter that has the look of Tom Cruise and Hulk’s strength has always been the ideal criteria for decorator and designer or DIY. The fact is everyone wants to enjoy the beauty for longer without the arousal of issues.
Thus, we have come up with the 10 best living wall planter along with all the features that will guide you to your best pick. Read the article to have a clear conception.

Top 10 Best Living Wall Planter For You to Choose

1.   Algreen 34002 Garden View – Vertical Living Wall Planter – Easy installation


Mounting this planter and then assembling it is relatively easy and fun. Hence, it saves from the hassle of handling complex insertion of wall planters.

You know, weather resistance is an aspired characteristic. Luckily, this product offers that. It means that the product is safe from the harshness of all seasons.

Read the product description that says it has slots. The point is that you can freely try to put various positions to find out how it looks—a massive chance to find the best spots to hang it around. So, play with it.

Drainage is something known to be helpful in preventing the rotting of the root. Also, some plants require to stay dry. With the help of this feature, you can control what you plant. In other words, you may also call it root friendly.

Technically, the cost of this product is not high, with the number of options it provides. Check out the price on Amazon to see if this is what you want.


·         Great value for the non-toxic feature
·         Highly decorative
·         Provides garden view


·         The only complaint is the absence of a protective coating to save the planter from outdoor issues.

2.   12 Pocket Indoor Waterproof Vertical Living Wall Planter – waterproof Living Wall Planter


The felt material is well backed up and lined well from the bottom and back; hence, this prevents the water from leaking and dropping. This feature has helped this product to gain the tag of the best waterproof wall planter.
Let’s talk about what it is made of! 100% recycled plastic, along with soft fabric, makes it eco-friendly. Hence, the motto sounds like, ” We participate in creating more green by saving existing green.”
The plastic itself is durable, so as it combines with fabrics to make the planter long-lasting. You don’t probably have to sweat thinking about replacement any soon unless you want a change in your product.
Talking about the clothing felt, it has another significant impact on plants. The plants stay oxygenated, and it is excellent for the plants as they can have more nutrients. More nutrients, healthier, and also less starving.
Looks good in the garden or on a supermarket wall. Therefore, it blends entirely, giving a green look.


·         A cool choice for DIY lovers.
·         Highly adjustable.
·         Great for covering huge wall spaces.


·         The drawback is the absence of a frame that the buyer has to manage.

3.   Pack of 3 White Round Wall Hanging Plant – Great for Installing Succulent Plants


Usually, the succulents don’t grow too tall and require small space – so as to clarify, and the planter has a diameter of 11.2 inches with a thickness of 2 inches. Also available in medium and small size having glass thickness 2.2 to 2.3 inches, respectively.

Now for the anchor screws that the product comes with, those screws are strong enough to support unto 15 lbs. of stone weight. For the medium and the small one, you’ll need around 10 lbs. and 5 lbs. of the quarry, respectively. But the planter will stand firm.

Another benefit of this planter is that it might not leak water. As the succulents do not have a thirst for gallons of water, there is little to none possibility of sipping the water from the screws to the wall.

Various color options to choose from such as red, black, brown, white, etc. wall planters are all about the personal touch-ups. Not to forget you are the decision maker of how you want to see your planter to look. So, your taste bud can add to the beauty.


·         Adds elegance to the décor
·         Adjustable and movable after installation
·         Made of good quality metal


·         Tricky to install

4.   Active Gear Guy Vertical Hanging Outdoor Wall Planter – Root Friendly Breathable Material


Technically well-built felt material is both sturdy and breathable at the same time. Which ensures the plant will have sufficient oxygen available. More oxygen aids in the healthy growth of the plants.
Besides, the felt also retains water preventing your roots from drying out. This reduces the possibility of your plants to get thirsty. Thus, your plants will show the sign of shiny green.
You will have 36 rooms for your nursery. Whether small plants or the fresh herb supply, you can get all in one single planter. Likely to have nutrients whole herbs all year round, making it super fun and easy to harvest.

Following up, this apparatus is excellent to hang outdoor as it leaks water, which is good anyway. Cause it will prevent the product from getting too heavy. Allows your beloved money spent planter to last long. One thing: it is budget-friendly.


Enhances the outdoor space glaze.
Easy to change the look of the apparatus and the outdoor.
Large enough rooms to support all the plants.


Requires some extra anchor to hold up the weight well.

5.  Umbra Triflora Hanging Planter – Great for Changing Outlook


Hate to see the window sill get blocked by the planter and yet want to have a green view from the windows? Here is the medicine for your problem. This item does not occupy the sill space and gives you a great scene out of your window.

Another awesome thing is that you can adjust the item both horizontally and vertically. You have the authority to choose a set the item as per your taste bud. This activates versatility.

No drainage from the bottom. It ensures that the plant stays hydrated and fresh. But be careful not to overwater. You can make customized drainage by adding pebbles. Can’t guarantee if this is a good idea, though. But never be afraid of separating yourself from the crowd.

It is recommended that you use the apparatus indoor where the string may not support the outdoor elements.  Moreover, indoor beauty and a healthy lifestyle is also a charming pick. Then again, why not trying something new?


Gladly provides all the mounting hardware equipment.
Relatively lightweight.
Remarkable for its unique look.


Might be a little expensive.

6.   Wall Planter – Hanging Planter for Indoor Plants – Best for Saving Up Space


Tired of cleaning the complicated traditional hard to clean planter? The good news, you don’t have to anymore as this item has no compassion for blocking the floor space. Thus this makes it easier for you not to worry a lot about cleaning.

Another eye-catchy property is that you can mix and plant various sizes of plants. Gives you the full authority to experiment until you are satisfied with the variation. All you have to do is keep creating new combinations and see how it looks. Easy!

Duh! That’s not all. The carbonized wood is not for putting on ramp shows. Feel free to plant it outside the fence, inside the barrier, bathroom, or so on. Healthy environment everywhere. Good opportunity to grab.

Suppose you are crafty and love fairy lights, bingo! Decorate it with all your might, which will definitely look unique and spectacular—click tons of photos to upload on social media.


Excellent in terms of generating a whole new concept.
Excellent for multi-purpose use.
Satisfying natural-looking color and shape.


Bright staples are too visible and need extra care to hide.

7.   OrtisgreenHang.Oasi. Home – King of Hydration


Starting by stating the unique property that the apparatus has is the sphagnum moss. Quite well known for its ability to hold up water 20⨯ of its weight. Here is the piece of information: water retention helps keep the soil moist, and therefore the plants have sufficient hydration needed for growth.

Secondly, a tray at the bottom. The tray is likely to hold the excess dripping water. Thus, it makes the watering process more accessible and more convenient.

Thirdly, have a picture in mind of how your ideal nursery looks. It’s great to implement the concept to a live view with the help of this living wall planter. The 6 pocket planter is a lucrative item to recreate your image.

Finally, what can you plant? It is probably the best if you could consider a transplant starter, but pothos and spider plants will grow well as well.


·         A cool choice for vertical view.
·         Luckily requires minimal maintenance.
·         OK distribution of water to each plant.


·         The material for hanging the planter is something you will have to manage yourself.

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8.  El Patio Designs Adjustable Hanging Planter – Reputed For Providing Lifetime Guarantee


Indeed, you know the season, when it comes, and when it goes. But do you know what the weather is and how it affects your wall planter? Well, you may not know until you supervise it after bringing it home. The guarantee is crucial for that.

An eye-catchy design that it shows is just fabulous. Like, it is a hanging model but strong enough to support heavyweight. What a great combination it is!

Surprisingly, it is much different than the other wall planters in terms of where you plant it. To clarify, this apparatus can be installed on the porch, mailboxes, rallies, and other stick or rod-like structures to enhance the glamour.

This is a great idea to stand apart from the general standard of decoration and adds a fancy look.


Very sturdy
Good brand reputation
Only wraparound wall planter.


There is a gap in the bottom.

9.  T4U Resin Wall Planter Brick Red Set of 4 – Best Known for Super Lightweight


Without any doubt, this is probably the lightest wall planter you will find on the web, and the weight is just 2.73 pounds. So, it is guaranteed that your wall is safe in terms of heavy-duty.

Moving to the next thing that the product will feature is its production. The build-up with eco-friendly plastic and clay-like veins makes the body durable and saves the bucks that you would probably spend to replace.
Easily blends with your balcony, garden, kitchen, or anywhere in the house and also in the office. So, think of where you want the planter to be, and it will grant your wish like a genie to sit comfortably there.
The building of the product is very sturdy and thick, which is the sign of a strong planter. In case you are wondering if the price will be sky-touching, well! It’s not. In fact, it is quite budget-friendly.

Provides with a metal hook.
Relatively small drainage is available.
Comes with a smart design.

Not enough room for vegetable growth.

10. Delectable Garden Cloth 7 Pocket Waterproof Indoor Hanging Vertical Wall Planter – Great Appreciation for Kitchen Installation


Everyone loves a little nursery of herbs near the hands while cooking. And this is the ideal pick for that because of its size. Having the size of 10 ¾ W and 5 ¾ L of pocket-size with a total length of 11.69″ W with 39.37″ L, it is loved by many users for their kitchen assistance.

Knock knock! This item is UV stable, and we all know that UV causes most of the product’s decay. So, winning against the UV ray adds lifetime durability to the item.

The waterproof lining from back to the bottom prevents dripping. This adds a remarkable property of waterproofness.

Like we know, nutrients are the vital component for the plants to thrive. So, to help that the cloth felt plays a significant role. Since the cloth material keeps the soil moist and hydrated, which facilitates nutrient absorption.


·         Budget-friendly
·         Only vertical cloth designed for indoor
·         Extra sturdy properties


·         The top pot becomes a bit dry.

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Buying Guide

Before buying a living wall planter, it is highly recommended, you consider the following consideration. Do not regret your decision later by bringing a product that does not match your wall’s requirements.

1. Waterproof

Dampening is the result of a flawed irrigation system and also the wall planter not being waterproof. This is the least wanted issues for any buyer.
If we are not mistaken, then everyone wants to organize and beautify the home. No one wants his wall’s plaster to fall.
Most importantly, no one spends money to have a damp wall. By the time, you would have understood the importance of having a waterproof wall planter.
Therefore, check the description and ask the seller about the product’s feature. In case you already bought a planter that is not waterproof, you will find materials to create a layer to make it water-resistant.

2. Weather-resistance

The weather cannot be predicted. So, a planter that offers the enduring capability of summer hot to winter cold and spring’s wind is the ideal pick for you.
Suppose you brought a non-weather-resistant wall planter. What would be the consequences? Simple, all you need is to get ready for frequent replacement of the wall planter, as they will not last long.
Specifically, the outdoor planters must have this feature to save you from the extra hassle. Moreover, it will save you from unnecessary expenses.
So, we suggest you be wise and look into the product description to find this feature, which is for your betterment.

3. Warranty

Warranty is like a life jacket. Too exaggerating, right? Well, you may not feel the same after the explanation.
Let’s talk about our climate and environment. Is it the same all around the year?
It’s a big no, and we all agree with that.
The weather plays an almost undeniable role in our wall planters, whether it’s indoor or outdoor. Many of the people do not even know the weather well. After bringing a wall planter, you may figure out that it does not suit your weather.
See, that’s the moment when you will need to use that warranty card that comes with your wall planter. Because with that, you can replace the one with a more suited one. Bingo!

4. Material

Take a look at the living wall planter’s materials and then select your planter per your need.

Terra-cotta: available in various styles, heavy and thus withstands extreme wind.
Plastic: least expensive, lightweight, and long-lasting but freezing temperature may cause some plastics to be brittle.
Wood:  goddess of the natural look, perfect for outdoor plantation, heavy so large container may not be convenient to move.
Metal: practically indestructible, captivates heat so roots may get overheated.
Glazed ceramics: aesthetic, retains moisture longer but breakable in freezing temperature.
Concrete: super long-lasting, highly durable, found in various styles with a classic look but not many color options, hence, expensive.
Hypertufa: can be made in the desired shape, size, and design, not many color options, and needs to be cured before use.
Moss and coconut fiber: easy to use, not durable.

5. Size

To remind you, in case it didn’t cross your mind, that size can be a factor to consider. Start by measuring your wall where you are willing to install a living wall planter.
When you are done choosing the wall planter that you consider to be perfect for your wall, measure the size. Check if it is compatible. Look, you do not want to have a thunder strike after you got the product and see the mismatch.
Now, you know why size is an important variable.

6. Weight

Your wall. How many loads can it take? Besides, plants get much more decadent with the passing time and also after watering.
Many walls are not as strong as to bear the load. Therefore, it is highly recommended you get to an architect before planting a living wall planter.
And this is very much crucial unless you want to see your wall breaking down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What are the best plants for a living wall?

A range of plants is in the line, for you can choose from to décor your living wall planter. From herbaceous perennial to vegetables and fruits, plant as you wish and need.
Plants to try:
Galanthus (snowdrop)
Adiantum (maidenhair fern)
Fragaria ‘Mara des Bois’ (strawberry)
Carexoshimensis ‘Evergold’ (sedge)
Liriopemuscari (lilyturf)
Heuchera ‘Purple Petticoats’
Pelargonium peltatum (ivy-leaved geranium)
Pachysandra terminalis (Japanese spurge)
Tiarellacordifolia (foam flower)
Saxifraga x urbium (London pride)
Vinca minor (lesser periwinkle)

Question 2: How much water does a living wall need?

Different plants have an extra level of thirst in a living wall, so watering also varies. Types of plants that have the least amount of need for water are succulents. Then again, the outdoor living walls do not require much water.
But indoor walls need to be satisfied with more water. Besides, plants facing direct sun need more water, whereas shaded plants require less.
Bonus- sun-kissing annual plants require the most water. For watering frequency, keep close eyes on plant signs.

Question 3: How do living green walls improve air quality?

The food of the plant is carbon-dioxide, which it consumes from the air. Along with the reduction of carbon dioxide, plants provide us with fresh oxygen.
Statistically, the living wall of 1m2 has a conversion ability of 2.3kg of CO2 in 1.7kg of O2. That is a substantial spot-environmental change.
If this is not air purification, we are afraid that we do not know what air purification is.

Question 4: Do living walls need sunlight?

The sunlight has a vast range of lights that a plant’s chloroplasts utilize to produce energy, which helps the plant thrive. So, Yeah, the living walls require sunlight, and if it’s indoor, then there is a  lighting need.
The red and the blue lights are what the plants require most. Therefore, a combination of 7000Å and 4000 Å is the ideal lighting for the living wall plants to respond to. But for the full spectrum. sunlight is the only option.

Question 5: What are the benefits of living walls? 

The benefits are as follows:
Cooler temperature- 50% of heat consumption and then 30% reflection results in a much more relaxed environment.
Noise reduction- Having the ability to absorb low-level noise produces a quieter.
Healthy Indoor-An workplace having greenery has the least number of absentee as this helps with the number of illness factors.
Increased Productivity- Alleviated positive mindset- increased worker satisfaction is the tool for more outstanding production, which is an office full of green provides.
Healing Environment- A person living in green nature has more pain-withstanding ability with much less stress and more relaxation.
Fire-resistance- Moisture can help in preventing fire. There the living wall plants come as disease-prevention. By retaining moisture, it produces a layer that is fire resistant.


This article is designed to make your long tour of identifying the best living wall planter turn into a short trip. Therefore, it will be an incredible ride for you to get the best idea about the planter so that you don’t have to waste time, money, and energy on the wrong bet.
If you have come so far, you certainly have a thorough idea of what kind of wall planter you need to decorate your sweet home or office.
Finally, consider all the factors stated above again and make the best decision. Tips: Trust your instinct and knowledge over anything and get what you need.

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