10 Best hand saw for cutting wood – [Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2021]

Best hand saw for cutting wood – Hand saws are usually portable saws, easy to carry around for cutting, and sometimes pruning. All handsaws don’t cut the same way and trying to choose the one that will meet the type of woodwork you intend using them for can be daunting.

We have reviewed many hand saws for you and will also discuss the essential buying guide to make the right choice of the hand saw for cutting trees that we hope will be best for you.

In this article are some safety tips that you must put into consideration so that you don’t regret using any hand saw for cutting trees.

Why should you get the best hand saw for cutting trees?

Best hand saw for cutting wood

Just as hand saw is a useful tool for wood cutting, there are other tools suitable for woodworking as well. But what strikes the distinction between a handsaw and other woodworking tools is in their features and importance. Well, we will get to know that as we proceed in this article. 

  • Affordable

If you can buy a handsaw at a pretty low price without any reduction in its effectiveness, why thinking twice. Hand saws are cheap woodworking tools compared to other devices like chainsaw without giving up its quality on woodworking operations. It doesn’t even need fuel in most cases to give it started- no wonder it’s this cheap.  

  • Lightweight

Woodworking feels good, especially when you are using a saw that’s just not weighty- such that you don’t get fatigued quickly during operation.

Handsaws are often lightweight, thus ensuring that you need not put in much physical effort to use them on woodworking operations.  

  • Durable

Although these handsaws are lightweight, they come with significant but less-heavy body parts, and that’s what defines their durability. With other types of saws, you might have to change its blade always, but with the best hand saws, there won’t be any need for that as their blades are carefully fitted for optimum effectiveness.  

  • Easy Storage

One intriguing thing about a handsaw is the fact that you can easily keep them in small space, and off you go-this tells more about its probability.


 Best hand saw for woodworking


1. Silky New Professional Series KatanaBoy Folding Saw


One feature that attracts a lot of buyers is the fact that both left and right-handed operators can use it. It comes with a unique design that assures you of comfort on usage. This hand saw comes with a heavy-duty blade; thus, making fine cuts come easy even on a wide surface.

What’s more, the teeth of the blade are of a non-set design and thus providing maximum comfort, which you will rarely get with other products.

It probably one of the largest folding hand saw on the market-no wonder it cuts smoother, even faster on all cutting operations. Now, off-road adventures’ got better with its over-the-shoulder bag, which ensures the safety of the saw and the person carrying it.

Besides, it features a Velcro fastening- a safe place to replace blades and a cushioned handle to avoid slip when using it.  


  • Non-slip rubberized handle
  • Non-set tooth design
  • Features a nylon shoulder case


  • Expensive

 2. ZUBAT Arborist Professional Hand Saw


In case you don’t mind spending some extra cash on hand tools for cutting, the arborist series of the Silky Zubat professional hand saw will impress you with its overall brilliant performance and build, all thanks to the high-profile Japanese steel.

This saw features a full tang blade for optimal stability when cutting and to prevent the risk of breaking. Besides, it comes with four different blade sizes to suit all pruning works and as well cut excellently on large branches.

The handle gives a non-slip grip to keep the saw firm and convenient on the hand. With this saw, you’ll also get a professional style scabbard as a result of its unique loops for leg straps.


  • High-grade Japanese steel blade
  • Full tang blade design
  • Non-slip comfortable grip
  • Professional scabbard included


  • Expensive

 3. BLACK+DECKER PHS550B 3.4 Amp Powered Handsaw 


If you are the type that like an electricity-powered hand saw, then this one is no doubt your choice. It features 3.4-amp power, powered by 4600 SPM motor. This hand saw is efficient in cutting wood, even metal. It comes with a pre-installed steel blade, so you can start cutting immediately.

With this product, you’ll get a comfortable grip on it while using and a fitting bag for secure storage. You can still walk some distance while using this product with its six feet cord. However, its 2-year warranty is proof that this product is made of sturdy materials to keep it working for a long time

The bad side is it 90.4 ounces making it a little discouraging to use for an extended time. Besides, it has no coating on the surface. Hence, it is liable to corrosion and rust.


  • Electric-powered
  • Effective on wood and metal
  • 3.4-amp power
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Steel is liable to rust
  • Product is heavy

 4. Lynx Garlick Thomas Flinn British


One good thing about patronizing popular industries is that you are always assured of quality products- not to be surprised what’s made them this popular. This saw is a product of one of the best producing hand saw industries of all time.

The Lynx Garlick British saw is made of spring steel thus, giving a good balance of edge durability. This feature also allows for easy maintenance of sharpness as it can be re-sharpened when the need calls for it. 

The saw plate is taper-ground, getting progressively thinner- down to approximately 0.005 inches from the teeth to the back of the saw. This innovation brings about a reduction in the binding of cuts compared to other saws.

It comes with a comfortable and attractive handle made from stained European Beech and has brass button screws. Lastly, it’s the right choice for rip cut, all thanks to its 4.5 teeth per inch configuration.


  • Filed for rip cutting
  • Comfortable handle
  • Durable


  • Slightly heavy

5. Silky Professional Series Ultra Accel Curved Blade Folding Saw


If you are looking for a heavy-duty folding hand saw which you can hold on to for a long time without feeling fatigued, the Silky Ultra Accel is here to provide you with your cutting objectives.

It comes with a sturdy build, but its aluminum chassis makes it a lightweight hand saw to use without any form of discomfort. The easy-grip rubberized handle of this saw tells more about the comfortability you’ll get with this saw.

The cutting ability of this Silky foldable hand saw is unequaled, and the engineered smoothness that comes with every cutting you make is such as never seen with other products of the same price range.

On the Silky Ultra Accel-9.5-inch blade length saw is engineered 6.4 teeth per inch configuration for seamless cutting experience and curved blade to provide fast and smooth cut. Besides, the blade is a product of Impulse Hardening Technology which makes the blade teeth stay sharp about three times longer than other types of blade.


  • Comfortable handle
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • None

 6. Zcx Gardening woodworking hand saw


Many times, when we go cutting, we usually tend to spend a long time handling the saw. It takes a comfortable handle, and portability to make cutting for a long time pretty easy.

The ZCX gardening pruning saw comes with an engineering plastic handle to ensure a comfortable feel. It’s a good hand saw to have around for domestic cuttings and even professional cuttings.  

Let’s talk about the blade. It’s everything you are looking forward to from the best hand saw blade for cutting different trees. The blade comes in three sizes to suit whatever type of cutting you want. Besides, it is made of high carbon steel, and the forged three-sided grinding tooth design help improve the blade’s durability.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Need to oil blade for an easy pullout. 

7. SILKY SUGOWAZA curved hand saw


Silky hand saws are popularly known for their quality build, and effectiveness, the SUGOWAZA 420mm Curved hand saw is another brilliant version of the Silky pruning products. It is suitable for cutting both small and large branches, even greenwood, without putting too much physical effort in return for quality output. It’s no doubt a useful tool for professional arborists, landscapers, as well as gardeners.

It features a high-quality steel blade with a tooth designed to give an unparalleled cutting performance and efficiency. Besides, the four cutting angles along the length of the tapered blade leaves a smooth surface, thus ensuring quick and easy cuts.

Plus, in its bag comes a replacement blade just in case you need to change the blade when it gets dull. Lest I forget, its large cushioned rubber handle ensures a comfortable grip and also helps damp vibration.


  • The comfortable grip on the handle
  • Strong blade
  • Gives smooth and fast cuts
  • Suitable for cutting large and small woods


  • None

8. Corona RS 7041 Razor Tooth Folding Saw


The Corona Razor TOOTH Folding Pruning Saw has a curved 7-inch blade with up to six teeth per inch, thus making it easy to cut limbs on crosscuts. It features a comfortable, molded ergonomic handle to provide you with a good grip.

So much concentration was placed on the blade life. The blade is coated with hard chrome to reduce friction and maintain sharpness even after multiple cuts.

Despite the effort contributed on the blade, some users still complain that it gets dull quickly when exposed to any dirt and since the down part of the handle is not sealed, leaving some parts exposed even when folded.

However, with proper maintenance, it’s an absolute foldable hand saw with so much encouraging overall performances on cutting.


  • 7-inch blade
  • Up to six TPI
  • Impulse hardened
  • Ergonomically mounded handle


  • Teeth exposed when folded
  • Loses sharpness quickly

 9. Knew Concepts 5″ Mk.IV Heavy Duty Hand Saw


Everything about the Knew Concept MK4 is obviously an improvement of the MK3 version. Let’s start with the overall design. It’s a reliable hand saw capable of pulling 50–60 pounds of tension on its blade. Despite that, it doesn’t produce vibration as much as the MK3 version.

The saw is coated with red powder, such that it’s not susceptible to scratch. Besides, it features a Cam Lever Tension, which allows for quick blade replacement. Mind you; tension can not change when re-setting the blade.

All you simply have to do is flip the lever forward to release tension, then re-position and clamp the blade. With that done, you can flip the lever to the rear, and that’s all.

One thing that could possibly piss users off is that it is slightly heavier and even thicker than the previous version. It is almost as heavy as the traditional saws.


  • Can pull 50-60 pounds of tension
  • Produces less vibration than the previous version
  • Features cam lever tension
  • The blade is resistant to scratch


  • Slightly heavier than MK3

10. Crown 190 Rip Saw 


The last product on our list of the best hand saw for cutting is the crown hand saw. Although not much information was provided by the manufacturer, the little information we’ve gathered is quite exciting and worth the price.

The crown 190 is a 24 inches hand saw with 4.5 tooth per inch- that’s a good blade configuration to start with. Besides, the blade is made of high-carbon steel, which can always be re-sharpened to maintain sharpness. The blade gives a brilliant rip cut on a large wood surface, thanks to its well-set alloy steel teeth.

The crown hand saw features a stained beech handle which is held firmly with screws. The only disappointment on it handle is the fact that it is wide, such that there’s too much room for movement of the hand.

Nevertheless, it’s an excellent rip saw with good craftsmanship. And the whole shape of the saw is reminiscent of the traditional old-time saws.


  • Alloy steel teeth
  • High-quality blade
  • Gives excellent rip cut


  • Big handle

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Hand Saw Safety Tips

Best hand saw for cutting wood

A hand saw is a manual tool that comprises of a sharp blade basically used for woodworking. Hand saws are commonly used in industries but cause injuries when not handled appropriately. Below are some of the safety tips that are important that you follow to avoid an accident with a hand saw.

  1. Put on a Safety goggles and masks

This will protect your eyeball from flying wood particles. Be sure to put on your safety goggles before starting any woodworking operation.

  1. Never force wood towards the saw blade

The blade tends to break when you force wood towards the blade, thus shortening the life of the blade.

  1. Keep the blade perpendicular to your work

This will make having a straight cut easy.

  1. Hold work firmly

To avoid injury or wood pulling off unexpectedly, make sure to clamp work firmly.

  1. Make sure that your blades are sharp

A blunt blade can be dangerous, especially for woodwork. Keep your blade sharp always and never test its sharpness by placing your hand on the tip of the blade.

  1. Store in a cool and dry place

Quality maintenance is necessary to keep your handsaw ever effective.

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 Things to Consider When Buying the Best Woodworking Hand Saw

Best hand saw for cutting wood

  • Design

If you’ll ever derive joy using a handsaw, it all depends on its user-friendly design. A portable, lightweight, and non-slip handsaw is the best bet. This way, you won’t feel easily fatigued handling a handsaw for a long time. Take your time to look out for these crucial features of the hand saw the ones that tell more of a comfortable design before going for any product.

  • Blade Quality

Another crucial factor you must consider is the quality of your blade, as it will help determine how easy you’ll go with all kinds of wood while cutting. Imagine how hard it’ll be to cut hardwood with a weak blade.

A high-profile and sharp blade will make slicing through the wood so easy that you can feel it when working on even hard and thick woods.

  • Tension Adjuster

When your handsaw comes with a tension adjuster, it’ll be easier for you to adjust the tension of blade, thus making the blade to work at its best and without the fear of breaking unexpectedly.  

  • Safety Features

Hand saws with little or no safety features will always result in an accident. The best hand saws come with a comfortable grip, so your hand doesn’t always slip off when on usage. Besides, a knuckle guard to protect your hand, should the saw slip off. The best handsaws on this comprehensive guide are equipped with the safety features needed to avoid injury.

  • Blade Change Efficiency

Even for the fact that handsaw blades are made of durable steel, you must still change them when the need calls for it to keep high performance. The best handsaw, especially in this article is the type that allows easy replacement of blade so that smooth cutting operation is assured.

  • Blade Length

Handsaw blades come in a variety of sizes best fit for different woodwork. It is, therefore, crucial that you choose your blade length depending on the type of woodwork you intend using it for. Note that whatever blade size you choose must be used for it appropriate work lest you get a low-performance output.


Whatever hand saw you intend to buy will depend on what you’ll be using it for. We have given you some crucial factors to consider to get the best hand saw for cutting wood you can never go wrong with, talking of their portability, ergonomic design, pocket-friendly price, etc.

Now it’s time for you to begin your cutting. Mind you, be rest assured you can get your most suitable hand saw with this comprehensive guide. All you simply have to do is carefully read through each of these products. 

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