10 Best Clear Coat for Kitchen Cabinets

We know how hard it is to remove that dirty and clingy stains from kitchen cabinets. Scrubbing them takes their life away. The kitchen is one of the busiest spots in a house. The best clear coat for kitchen cabinets can protect its look from severe scars.

Now the question is, where can you find the best coating for your kitchen’s safety? Stop panicking. We have shortlisted the top 10 best clear coats for kitchen cabinets observing the best price and quality.

A Chart of Top 10 Best Clear Coat for Kitchen Cabinets


Product Name Features
1.General Finishes High-Performance Topcoat for Woods ·         Plastic gallon jug

·         Dry time 1-2 hours

·         1 G covers 500-600 squares

2. Minwax Water Based Polyurethane ·         Has UV blockers

·         Water-resistant

·         Usable in colored woods

3.Minwax Polycrylic Protective Clear Coat ·         Water-based formula

·         Dries up in 2 hours

·         Three coats give the perfect finishing

4.Minwax Water Based Oil-Modified Polyurethane ·         Three finish options

·         It dries in 2 hours

·         VOC content 275 g/L

5.General Finishes Semi-gloss Clear Coat ·         Designed for exterior

·         It gives a semi-gloss shine

·         Includes UV absorber

6.General Finishes Enduro Conversion Varnish ·         Post-catalyzed polyurethane

·         Water-based conversion varnish

·         Provides ultimate durability

7.General Finishes Enduro-VAR Water Based Urethane Topcoat ·         Self-sealing

·         Dries in 10-30 minutes

·         Highly water-resistant

8.General Finishes Enduro Clear Poly Coat ·         No tint added

·         Very durable

·         Needs sander sealer

9. General Finishes Water Based Dye Stain TopCoat ·         Usable in highly figured woods

·         Deep rich tone

·         Water-based formula

10.System Three Clear Marine Spar Urethane Varnish Coating ·         VOC compliant finish

·         High solids

·         Ultraviolet absorbers

Top 10 Clear Coat for Kitchen Cabinets Reviews:

  1. General Finishes High-Performance Topcoat for Woods

If you want a versatile finishing in your kitchen cabinet, this high-performance coat can be convenient. This water-based topcoat is the hardest polyurethane available in the market. General finishes produce durable products that you can rely on.

You can cover up to 500-600 squares of your house with 1 G of this product. For kitchen cabinet usage, the one-gallon product is more than enough. One coat of this takes 1 to 2 hours to dry. You need to go at least three coats.

The product approves brush, roll, and spray application. You can choose between satin, gloss, and semi-gloss for your desired kitchen outlook.

The product saves your cabinet from scratches and stains. It protects your surface from sunlight with the help of included UV stabilizer. Its quick and easy application process and drying time make the product so more comfortable to use. It needs fewer coats, and you can save some extra money.


  • Needs less product
  • Quicker cure
  • Versatile
  • Different application process
  • Has UV stabilizer


  • Any other coats leave a yellow mark on top of this

Our opinion

It is worth the extra money, and you can work with it by yourself.

  1. Minwax Water Based Polyurethane

You don’t need to worry anymore about your cabinet’s varnish. Minwax’s water-based urethane is usable on top of varnish, and that can save your surface from water. Any indoor projects will rock with this coating.

The product comes in 2 sizes. It prevents the yellowing of the wood from coming in contact with UV light. Besides, this has UV blockers that resist that yellowing process. It has a unique formula that works as a protective barrier against rain and moisture.

For this feature, it is usable both in the interior and outside. This product gives a crystal precise finishing to your kitchen countertops.

It gives a thin coat, so it dries up quickly in 2 hours. You can use a synthetic blend brush to apply a thin coat. It will provide you with an evident final touch with shine. Moreover, this is a worth it product according to your value. You can clean up your cabinet and undo the process with warm water.


  • UV blocker
  • Useable in outside
  • Resists water and moisture
  • Easy application and removal
  • Dries quickly


  • Soaks up in wood
  • Thin layer

Our opinion:

If you want one product for the kitchen and outdoor, buying this will be the right choice. Price is also less than other products.

  1. Minwax Polycrylic Protective Clear Coat

If you think of a precise finishing from clear coats, this clear protective finish from Minwax can be convenient. It will not hamper your wood’s color and protects it from any damage.

Minwax protective clear finish is a water-based coat that includes a polyurethane formula. The coat gives a crystal clear finishing to every indoor project. It dries quickly and offers a barrier to your kitchen cabinets. Besides, it is perfect for all kinds of woods. It maintains the surface’s actual color and keeps stains and scratches away.

The product has a wide range of applications. Moreover, it can deliver in satin, gloss, and matte finishing. You can notice excellent results in both indoor and outdoor applications.

The application process is straightforward, so as the removal process. Use a synthetic bristle brush to apply, and soap will do the removal. It comes with an incredible amount of product, so the product saves your money.


  • Dries quickly
  • Versatile finishing
  • Works in indoor and outdoor
  • Wide application range
  • Affordable


  • Soaks up in woods

Our opinion:

It is the right quality item with a large amount. The purchase will be a good deal for your kitchen cabinets.

  1. Minwax Water Based Oil-Modified Polyurethane

Minwax’s water-based polyurethane is one of the most recommended best clear coats for kitchen cabinets. The excellent packaging and the superior quality will make you realize why this is the best of all.

The product comes with an oil-modified finishing ability in a waterborne quality. It offers customers three finishing options, such as gloss, semi-gloss, and satin. To complete the whole outlook, you need 24 hours and at least three coats of this product.

One gallon of Minwax can cover up 125 square feet of your surface. The surface will dry up in approximately 2 hours.

The product contains 275 g polyurethane per liter. It performs durability and top-class finishing in a package. Additionally, the customer can choose his sheen according to his preference. The application process is very effortless with a synthetic or foam brush. It will protect your cabinets along with your wallet.


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • Easy to apply
  • Coverage is top-class
  • Protects from damages
  • Versatile option


  • Higher VOC content
  • Sometimes lap marks happen

Our opinion:

It is highly recommended by professionals and offers versatile features. It will ease your work and will save time as well as money.

  1. General Finishes Semi-gloss Clear Coat

If you are searching for a product that can be used in the kitchen and exterior, this is the right choice for you. General Finishes produces excellent products to make sure your house doesn’t lose its shine. That makes this water-based semi-gloss topcoat very reliable.

This topcoat delivers a clear and drying finish. Whether it is a vertical surface or horizontal, the product works well in every situation. It is recommended for wood surfaces. You will not get a deck finish from this product. The product contains UV absorbers that protect the surface from the sun. Most surprisingly, the top coat works as a protection against molds.

The product can be used in different forms as a clear topcoat also as a shiner over other paints. But you should use it over dark colors, while colors can cause yellowing because of this. It has a reputation for durability and quality. Many customers have reviewed this product as the best topcoat they have ever used.


  • It can be used over other colors
  • Includes UV blockers
  • Recommended for woodworks
  • Protect wood from molds
  • Reviewed highly


  • Works well in exterior

Our opinion:

This water-based formula has excellent compatibility and will suit your kitchen cabinets entirely. Buying this product will be a good investment for your kitchen.

  1. General Finishes Enduro Conversion Varnish

Are you a professional in this painting and varnishing job? You must’ve known then the importance of conversion varnish. General Finishes Enduro conversion varnish is another milestone in this category. The professionalism and the quality it serves the customers that do not require any questions.

The product is developed by 2K urethane technology. The formula ensures ultimate durability and moisture resistance. Your wooden cabinets will be completely safe from any damages with this varnish. It is a quick-drying product that can be used over other finishers. An aliphatic poly catalyst is used with the varnish. You can also add pigment to it.

The coats need 1-2 hours to dry, and one week can entirely cure the varnish. This is a non-flammable clear coat that gives your cabinets your desired shine. You can spray or brush paint the varnish.

The application process is straightforward. Surprisingly, you can apply the item over any wooden surface and interior and exterior use. But it is strictly prohibited for DIY painters. Professionals can only use the product.


  • Ultimate durability
  • Supreme quality
  • Quick-drying
  • Moisture resistant
  • Easy removal


  • Does not dissolve quickly

Our opinion:

If you are a professional, then this product can ease your pain. But if you are a novice and thinking of painting on your own, do not buy this product.

  1. General Finishes Enduro-VAR Water Based Urethane Topcoat

This time, we have another General Finishes product with us. This endure-VAR is an incredible product with ultra-precise finishing quality. The water coating is easy to apply but looks more like an oil varnish. The topcoat does not compromise with quality, so it is a preferable choice for most painters.

Enduro-VAR is a water coating that includes self-crosslinking polyurethane. It is the most durable coating on our list. The application process is straightforward and can be applied through spray and brush.

The product is highly water-resistant and ambers slightly. Besides, the product does not have an extensive range of applications. The topcoat can be applied over water stains and raw wood.

It is our top choice for the best clear coat for kitchen cabinets. The product offers versatile finishing like flat, satin, and gloss. This formula is rapid drying, and cleaning is also effortless.

It is powerful for even hardwood floors. The procedure is non-flammable and dries in 10-30 minutes. You can recoat after 2-3 hours. You don’t need another sealer to seal the coating


  • Ultra-durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Non-flammable
  • Dries fast
  • Self-sealing


  • A small range of application

Our opinion:

This item can only be used over water stains. So, read the instruction manual before then buy this product.


  1. General Finishes Enduro Clear Poly Coat

Clear poly is more like a clear coat that can be used on top of any surface. General finishes endure clear poly is more prevalent in the market because of its texture and performance. It delivers a clear, challenging, and durable coating to your kitchen cabinet and makes it more opaque.

It is a commercial-grade product that is generally water-based. The product is called clear poly because of no tint and the fortified polyurethane. It leaves a tough and durable finish.

Moreover, it protects your surface from any future stains or scratches. The application process is very easy. You just need to spray on your desired surface.

You can use this product on any surface where you need more durability. The formula is unique and does not leave any bubble. Also, it comes with a gorgeous flow and levelling ability.

The poly is abrasion-resistant. You don’t need any topcoat over it. Moreover, the price is also very reasonable. It is a genuine product within an acceptable range.


  • Durable
  • No tint
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Excellent flow


  • It requires a sealer to work correctly.

Our opinion:

The clear poly is very durable so that it will remain on your kitchen countertop for a long time. You will not have to think of a reapply soon.

  1. General Finishes Water Based Dye Stain TopCoat

If you think of giving a new definition to your kitchen, then buy a dye that suits your cabinets’ color. General Finishes Water Based Dye stains are specially designed to enhance wood color and magnify its features. It sits well over the wooden surface and makes it looks more vibrant.

This dye-based stain comes in 12 stock colors. You can choose your color according to your wooden type. Mixing it with other top coats makes the woods look more enhanced and top-class.

It has a VOC content of 220 g/ L. the product is only for interior use. The application and removal are very simple. Additionally, it dries up pretty quickly in less than 2 hours.

This water-based product is ultra-penetrating and gives a finishing like solvent-based products. Its rich tone redefines the wood grain and looks opaque. Furthermore, the stain penetrates deep into the wood’s cell structure. You can use this stain as a toner too.


  • Enriched color
  • Sits well
  • Enhances cell structure
  • Vibrant outlook
  • Dries quickly


  • Expensive product

Our opinion

You can use this stain like a wood varnish also as a wood paint. This double benefit is a win-win. In summary, it will be a significant investment for your money.

  1. System Three Clear Marine Spar Urethane Varnish Coating

Lastly, we have clear marine varnish from system three. It is used and recommended by boat drivers because of its durability and smooth finishing. You will get a gorgeous satin finishing without having much trouble.

The varnish is formulated for the marine and wooden surface. It gives a smart look to your interior with a tough texture. Moreover, the formula contains three kinds of epoxy. It provides three different finishes, such as satin gloss and matte.

The application becomes easier if sprayed. It requires less effort than using a brush. The product contains intense sun blockers that work effectively against UV light.

This item works well in the exterior by protecting from all kinds of weather damages. It works as a safeguard from water and salt air. The coating is very long-lasting and has a smooth finishing. It is a worth it product for its value.


  • Available in versatile finishing
  • Protects from sun and water
  • Remains stunning for a long time
  • Interior and exterior use
  • Fast-drying


  • Can formate bubble

Our opinion:

The product has superior features for its value. It can work well in your kitchen cabinet.

Buyer’s guide: Best Clear Coats for Kitchen Cabinets

  • Buying the best clear coat for your kitchen will not be challenging if you have a clear idea of the features and budget.
  • Make sure the application process is easy as well as the removal.
  • Check the curing time before purchasing.
  • Try to buy a more opaque product.
  • The item should be durable and should give a stunning performance.
  • Make a genuine budget.
  • Don’t go for an expensive product because these products all have a typical price range.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best clear coat inside cabinets

  1. Which varnish is the best for kitchen cabinets?

Answer- Polyurethane coating is mostly preferable for kitchen cabinets. It is one of the most durable finish for kitchen cabinets.

  1. How long do clear coats last?

Answer- You need to reapply if the coating gets dirty. It depends on what amount of damage the coat faces.

  1. Do clear coats need to be sealed?

Answer- It’s always not necessary. But some items work better if sealed.

  1. Can I put a clear coat over white paint?

Answer- Coating white paint is risky because it causes yellowing. You should check the manual and get some instruction regarding this matter.

Final Thoughts

That’s all from us about the best clear coats for kitchen cabinets. Every listed product has a different formula and serves differently. Choose the product that matches your criteria. The listing and the article will help you to select the best item for your kitchen. So, hop on! And make your kitchen tidy.

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