10 Best chandeliers for bedroom 2021 – For beauty and illumination

Chandeliers are simply a lighting fixture usually suspended from the ceiling. They serve majorly two purposes, and that is to illuminate the room and as well, give the overall room a brilliant and toned appearance. Finding the best chandeliers for bedroom is nothing anyway a simple task as there are some crucial factors we must consider.

These factors revolve around your ceiling height, theme design, room space, and so on. However, buying the right choice will, in no doubt, embellish your bedroom instantly. Below here are ten tested chandeliers for beauty and illumination at pocket-friendly prices.

Are chandeliers suitable for the bedroom?

Best chandeliers for bedroom

Chandeliers are not only meant to be installed in dining halls, entryways, and living rooms. I bet it’ll make a lot of sense if you decide to have one in your bedrooms as well. While most bedroom light fixtures are usually focused on a place, chandeliers give an evenly distributed lighting to your bedroom.

Plus, the beauty of a chandelier cannot be compared with other light fixtures. Although lampshades come close, they only can add beauty to the room when switched on. That is, they tend to look bland and boring when switched off. Conversely, chandeliers are a beautiful piece of art that never seize to add elegance to a room even when switched off.

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Cheap Chandeliers for Bedroom

1.  MEELIGHTING Gold Plated Luxury Modern Crystal Chandelier

The first our list is the MEETLIGHTING chandelier. Its exceptional output mixed with a combination of quality material, and that makes it one of the most demanded products in the market. This stunning product blends modern flair with a vintage industrial style. I bet you can’t go wrong with this piece as it’s made to blend with both traditional and modern design theme at the same time. 

It comes with transparent glass prisms on an Irregular square tube design, and combined with the golden frame gives your room an expensive look. This way, your bland walls, and ceilings are livened instantly. Besides, its raindrop ceiling pendant lights are one of its kind. Thus, adding a little lift to the entire room design. 

The MEETLIGHTING chandelier feature E12 dimmable bulbs, which are dimmable for cases when you need a warm room atmosphere. Each E12 bulb has a maximum power of 60w. Besides, they are energy-saving bulbs with spare parts readily available in the market. In cases when there’s a need for bulb replacement, be sure to check the dimension before placing an order so that you don’t make the wrong choice. 

This is an excellent choice for not only your bedroom but also for dining rooms, hallway, porch, girls’ room, living room, and hotels. The 70 inches adjustable cord length has out your ceiling height into consideration.


  • Bulbs can be dimmed
  • Features an adjustable chain
  • Give a very bright illumination
  • Made of quality materials


  • None


2. LNC French Country Chandelier 

The LNC Distressed Handmade Chandelier takes us down the memory lane, thus bringing us the feel of the old-time empires. This product is made by hand as its name implies. But its shape and construction materials are no doubt a blend of the modern and traditional design theme.

The classic chandelier is inspired by the French countryside design, thus evoking an immeasurable feeling of the old times while the finishing brings us back to modern times. Besides, this piece is made of rusty metal alongside retro wood finish which spreads brilliant lighting to your entire bedroom. 

The six candle-shaped bulbs are dimmable as they work perfectly with a dimmer switch to dim when you need a warm room atmosphere and as well brighten up when you need full brightness. But you’ll have to place an order for your dinner switch separately. Besides, it comes with a 59 inches chain to suspend chandelier which is adjustable from 26. 4 inches to 84. 4 inches.

This chandelier is indeed a product of skillful handcrafting following a set of precise procedures to come about this classic looking piece. A combination of distressed wood, floral sculpted Columbia with partial golden tassels and a rust metal finish makes this product one of the best chandeliers at an affordable price. 


  • Features a rusty metal and retro wood
  • It’s a perfect hand-crafted piece
  • Chain is adjustable
  • It works with a dimmer switch


  • None


3. Maxax Modern Crystal Chandeliers

The Maxax crystal chandelier is indeed a beautiful pendant ceiling fixture you should add to your interior budget. If you are looking for a soothing light fixture for your bedroom at a cost-effective price, then you’re probably looking for this product. It’s an overall high-performance piece as it not only blends with your modern home theme design but also focuses on giving a top-quality home life.

We started our research on the design, and this is what we got. The Maxax chandelier features a black metal finish with crystals to give a shimmering lighting performance. Plus, it comes with five lights, which are gorgeous enough to deliver an absolutely intriguing illumination that doesn’t glare. However, the overall design combines contemporary and classic elements that are durable.

This piece features an adjustable chain so that it can work perfectly for both and low ceilings. Finally, you’ll get a manual guide in the package to help with easy installation. 


  • Features an adjustable chain
  • Combines both classic and contemporary design parts
  • Compatible with LED bulbs
  • Parts are durable


  • Bulbs not included


4. Dimmable LED Ceiling Light Modern

The Dimmable Ceiling Acrylic Chandelier packs a lot of features that’ll blow your mind. The chandelier dimension is a perfect size for your bedroom, and its 5-Light creative design comes in varying sizes to bring about a unique finish. As we move further, we’ll give you an imaginative view of the design.

The LED Ceiling five Lights are such that you can dim them and as well change the color to suit your mood. With its wireless remote control, you have both brightness and color temperature at your reach. The acrylic chandelier features three color temperatures ranging from 3000k-6500K.

This chandelier is no doubt one of the newest innovations and designs in the market presently. It comes in a two-layered design, and each layer features three illuminators. It is thus giving a globe-like shape that rotates steadily and spreading beautiful lights all over the space in the form of a flower bloom. It features one of the most durable bulbs in the market with its 30,000 hours life span.

Besides, these energy-saving bulbs are pretty brighter than many other light bulbs of the same 24W/60W power. The fact that it gives no Ultraviolet or infrared radiation makes it friendly to the eyes. What’s more, customer service is responsive and readily available.


  • It’s got a globe-like shape
  • It delivers a very high brightness at low power
  • Bulbs are energy-saving
  • Features three color temperatures


  • The instructional manual is written only in English 


5. ANTILISHA Gold Chandeliers Modern Crystal Chandelier

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The ANTILISHA Crystal Chandelier comes with another unique such as never seen in the market. It is made of a stainless steel frame blend with a gold plated finish rather than brass to give your room space an expensive view. Plus, its clear crystals are made of cascade tier to look like a diamond- thus giving an even more sparkling output. 

The manufacturer of the ANTILISHA Chandelier has focused more on the design to make sure that this piece will suit both high ceilings and low slanted ceilings. With this, it’s evident that you’ll never go wrong with this product as long as it blends with your design theme. Plus, it’s made to work with E12 bulbs which we all know to be dimmable and energy-saving. And in the pack, you have a dimmable wall switch as a free gift to adjust the brightness to your taste.

We have tested this product to see that it’s a cost-effective piece to buy. The most amazing part is that this chandelier is a good fit for a traditional, mid-century, luxury, empire, transitional, and also post-modern style. You are thus making it an all-round product for any theme design you have in mind. 

Finally, if you mount this chandelier anywhere in your indoor space, you’ll be sure to get amazing performance. Plus, assembling won’t pose any problem due to its simple design.


  • Easy to assemble
  • 5-years warranty
  • Fit for high and low ceilings
  • Features a dimmable wall switch


  • None


6. Saint Mossi Modern K9 Crystal Chandelier

This is yet another brilliant product from the popular Saint Mossi industry. The raindrop version of the Saint Mossi Chandelier is a beautiful masterpiece to put into consideration when deciding on our room design.

You won’t see the actual beauty of this flush mount K9 Crystal modern Spiral Rain Drop Chandelier until you completely install one in your room. It comes with a seven bulb space that is compatible with the GU10 LED type of bulb. Mind you, you’ll have to place an order on these bulbs separately. 

With a blend of bright stainless steel and first-class crystal class raindrop, a modern contemporary chandelier is achieved. One last thing we’d like to talk about is the manufacturer’s concern for safety. Each pack comes with a pair glove to prevent cutting of hand during installation.


  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a pair of glove for safe installation
  • Made of quality materials
  • Delivery is fast


  • Features no bulb in the package


7. GDNS Contemporary Firework Crystal Chandeliers

If you are looking for a fun and glitzy chandelier for your indoor space, the GDNS Contemporary Firework LED Chandelier is yet another great piece that comes with a lot of soothing features. There is no limit to where this chandelier can’t fit provided it rhyme with your design theme.

The GDNS Contemporary Firework Led chandelier is an improvement of the ordinary fireworks version. It is made of high-quality crystal blend with stainless steel to give a modern style chandelier. However, we wish the petals are made of cut glass crystal instead of a plastic crystal. 

The products feature 8 G4 LED bulbs to give a natural white light of around 4000K. With this chandelier, you might not need any other lamp shades or table lamps for reading. One good thing about these bulbs is that they are replaceable, which shows how readily available they are in the market. 

Finally, its 36-Month Warranty tells more about this chandelier’s durability. Plus, it’s an overall beautiful piece to have in your home.


  • Exciting design
  • Replaceable bulbs
  • 36-Month Warranty on parts


  • Made from plastic rather than cut glass crystal


8. Edvivi Marya 4-Light Chrome Round Crystal Chandelier

Nothing feels better than buying a chandelier that looks simple but gives your room an expensive look. The Edvivi industry has emerged the market with its entry version of the Marya 4-Light Chrome Round Crystal Chandelier. This is a popularly known industry for the production of satisfying chandeliers. 

This amazing design is got from a combination of a crystal-encrusted drum shade, 3-rows cascading hanging crystal pendants with a chrome finish. The whole thoughtful craftwork becomes a beauty when you fix the bulbs in the provided spaces. This takes us to what number of bulbs will give such beauty.

With just 4-bulbs, you are sure to get a subtle glow of light which adds some drama and majestic look to the bland walls of your bedroom. It comes with an E12 type bulb that works perfectly with a dimmer switch. Plus, it’s an energy-saving bulb, thus ensuring that you don’t spend too much on electrical bills. 

Lest I forget, this beautiful piece features a 39 inches chain which can be adjusted by simply removing some links. With all these intriguing features, this chandelier will in no doubt adorn any bedroom, kitchen or living room with style, light, and ambiance.


  • Exceptional Quality
  • Features an adjustable chain
  • It’s a simple design with brilliant output


  • Professional installation is recommended


9. Westinghouse Lighting

Bring a traditional yet elegant look to your bedroom with this version of the Westinghouse stylish vintage chandelier. This Stella Mira work of art has slots for three 40-watt bulbs. It’s surprising how these three candelabra bulbs give a bright illumination alongside rustic view to your bedroom and other living space. 

The delicate performance of this chandelier can be traced down to its combination of a classic two-tone finish which has drawn a whole lot of buyers to opt for it. You won’t see the beauty of this chandelier until you add it to your interior traditional design theme. 

The three-light-chandelier is made of real wood finish to deliver that contemporary look you need to lift your interior design theme. Plus, the metal band around the wood is sure to add to the overall unique design of the chandelier. It features an adjustable chain to make mounting of the chandelier on even slant ceilings easy.


  • A vintage and rustic look
  • Adjustable chain mount for flexible height
  • Beautiful wood finish


  • Some holes for screws may need further drilling
  • Requires careful installation


10. Saint Mossi Chandelier Modern K9 Crystal Raindrop

Another top-rated piece on our list is the Saint Mossi Raindrop Chandelier 6 Bulb. Over time, the Mossi industry is known for its quality performance in terms of chandelier production, and this version here is not an exception as it’s got so much consideration for high ceilings. 

It comes with a dimension of 32 inches by 18 inches- that’s a perfect size for an average chandelier. With six bulbs, your interior space is sure to have the brightest illumination that won’t take any toll on your eyes. Just like every other Saint Mossi chandeliers, it is compatible with LED bulbs that allow you to either dim or brighten in the way you want it to.

The part that interests us the most is that it’s made of top-quality materials such as quality crystal raindrop and stainless steel that makes you use this chandelier for a very long time while still maintaining its shiny surface.

The texture of crystal and unique designs on this chandelier adds to the overall output of this piece to give your room an expensive look. The raindrop arrangement is such that you can’t take your eyes off it.


  • Modern crystal chandelier
  • Lighting is compatible with led bulbs
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Expensive look


  • Setting up takes a lot of time and effort


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Choosing the modern bedroom chandeliers – Important things to consider

Best chandeliers for bedroom

  • Room Space

This is a crucial factor that determines the overall output of your chandelier. Your room space will determine the size of the chandelier that will suffice. Imagine you buy a big size chandelier for small room space, and the room is only going to get a little clumsy and extravagant. 

The best bet is that you take your room measurements with you to the store so that you don’t choose the wrong dimension. 

  • Design Theme

No matter how expensive your chandelier is, if it does not in any way blend with your room theme, it’s just better you didn’t buy it.

We have different designs of chandeliers ranging from traditional, modern and contemporary. Our review guide comprises these three major designs for you to choose from. If you are planning to have a modern interior finish, be sure not to make the mistake of picking a traditional design chandelier.

  • Material and Finish

Nowadays, you’ll find a whole lot of chandeliers with different design materials. Some are made of brass, metal, iron, and crystals.

What’s important is that you consider which of these materials will blend with the overall interior of your room. Besides, the type of material used will determine the durability of your chandelier.  

  • Ceiling Height

While it is important to consider the space of a room, it’s also crucial that you consider your ceiling height. This is another crucial factor that must be put into consideration. If your ceiling height is high, then it’ll be best that you go for those chandeliers that hang low and droop down. This invariably means that it’ll be a bad idea to choose a long chandelier for short ceiling height. 


If you’ve carefully read through this review guide, you’ll discover that we have compiled our list of the best chandeliers for bedrooms on three different designs. This includes the traditional, contemporary and modern design chandeliers. That’s to tell you that you can never go wrong with any of these products. 

Now, it’s time for you to bring that elegance and shimmering appearance to your bedroom. By going through the above-discussed chandeliers, you will see that you won’t need to tear your pocket to bring that expensive look to your room.


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