10 Best band saw for woodworking – (Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2021)

Best band saw for woodworking – When you’re looking for the best woodworking band saw, there are many things you will need to put into consideration as it can lead you into all sorts of cuttings, including making perfectly straight and angled cuts, sometimes on tight spots.

That’s why it is crucial to find the one that meets your requirements. For instance, you’ll need a band saw that come with variable speeds and produces less vibration. We know how hard it is to have to check stores or online, and that’s why we have summed up the best band saw reviews and some helpful guides for you to make the right decision.

Importance of band saw for woodworking

Best band saw for woodworking

You may be asking why you would want to add a band saw to your arsenal of tools in the first place. Below here are a few of the noticeable importance which you can get from a band saw.

  • Straight Cuts

No matter the type or thickness of wood you intend cutting, be it, timber, mahogany, etc., band saws allow you to make straighter cuts. A few of the vital features which makes this possible on every usage include the miter gauge, LED light as well as the rip fence. You may discover a glaring difference in the result of a band saw when compared with a tool like a chainsaw. The most visible difference is the thinner blades that most band saws come with, thus bringing about an increased degree of accuracy.  

  • Safer Cutting

Unlike tradition saws, modern band saws feature a wide range of safety components so that your risks pf getting hurt are reduced while operating them. Besides, it is much easier to feed pressure, and there is a reduced susceptibility to kickback. However, the material should be pulled down towards the table while still holding it in place firmly. This will help to keep your fingers off the risk of coming in contact with the blade.

  • Angled Cuts

Just as they can give a perfectly straight cut, they can as well provide a high precision angled cut no matter how thick the wood is. Most of the band saw tables could be adjusted to tilt 45 degrees, and with that, deriving angled cut won’t pose any difficulty.

Top experts picked band saw

1. WEN 3959

If you’re looking for a portable benchtop band saw with a vast power to slice through your thick woods, the WEN 3959 is all you need. The 2.5-amp motor drives blade up to a speed of 2,500 feed pressure per minute despite its portability- that’s quite surprising! 

Besides, it is capable of cutting deep as 3.5 inches, thus giving you a convenient cut through thicker woods. Not only that, it provides 45-degree bevel cuts, this couldn’t have been without it tilting table. 

To top it off, it features a mitre gauge, a rip fence as well as a 2.5-inch dust port vacuum wide enough to accommodate any volume of dust caused during operation, thus keeping the world environment clean.

The major setback on this machine is that the saw tends to drift, thereby making angled cut due to the low-quality rip fence. Besides, the table’s git some warped portion, which disallows board from sliding smoothly and sometimes get hung up while trying to push them through.


  • Affordable
  • 45-degree table tilt
  • Includes a rip fence, Dust port, and mitre gauge


  • Blade drifts
  • Poor quality rip fence
  • Tabletop isn’t perfectly flat


2. Milwaukee 2629-22 M18

The 2629- cordless version of the Milwaukee band saw comprises a combination of all you might need to have successful and desirable woodwork. Talking about durability, it’s just everything you’ll need, and the drop-resistant PULLEY guard-engineered geometries and high impact polymer are why you can’t go wrong with this machine. 

In most cases, woodcutter gets stuck at the spot where sophisticated cuts are required and tend to spend much time manoeuvring the blade to have a precise cut. With this 10. 25 lbs., compact and lightweight band saw, it makes cutting overhead and in tight places seem easy as though you are cutting a plain portion. 

The high cutting capacity 3-1/4 inches is not familiar with many other band saws of the same price. With this kit, you’ll get a single pass cut on 3 inches copper, 3 inches angle iron, 2-1/2 inches Conduit. Besides, the blade ejection system is one of its kind, making it quick to change the blade without much substantial contribution.


  • Single-pass cut on fairly thick material
  • Excellent blade ejection system
  • Durable 
  • Lightweight


  • None


3. WEN 3962

Coming up third on our list of the best band saw for woodworking is the WEN 3962, which is a stand-mounted band saw- one of the top-selling band saws online. One intriguing fact about this power tool is that despite its portability and lightweight, it is still able to carve through woods as thick as 6-inches and 9 ¾ inches wide, the 3.5-amp powerful motor is what’s responsible for it exceptionality.

Additionally, it features a work light that helps you make precise cuts even under a dim lighting condition. Plus, the worktable can tilt up to 45 degrees to the right, thus, making an angled cut pretty easy. This power tool doesn’t stop at only making a precise angled cut, but can also create cuts at two separate speeds; 1520 or 2620 FPM. 

The only snag with this machine is that it might take time setting it up for the first time, especially if you’re a novice. But once appropriate set up, then you’ve just hit the jackpot!


  • Affordable
  • Powerful motor
  • Dual-speed feature
  • Additional accessories included, such as a worktable, a sturdy fence, a work light, etc.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • Hard time with setting up


4. DEWALT Portable Band Saw

Many times, woodcutters want to be able to cut wood at the same spot without the need to bring them down to the workshop. So many considerations have to be to work, and that’s why we have the DeWalt band saw in the market today for easy handling and more comfortable cutting. 

So if you are on the search for a handheld band saw that could provide outstanding performance at home, workshop, even on a job-site, then look no further as this one will fulfil your cutting desires.

This lightweight band saw features a powerful 10-amp motor that will cut through stocks up to 5-inches in-depth in no time. It is also equipped with a variable speed dial that can help you adjust from 100SPM up to 350SPM to make cutting different wood thickness comfortable. Working for a long period won’t pose any issue at all- all thanks to its convenient handle.


  • Portable
  • Powerful 10-amp moto
  • Lightweight
  • LED work light
  • Features a hanging hook
  • Adjustable speed


  • Costly


5. Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence

If all you’ll be dealing with on a long-term will be on small projects, then you should consider going for the Rikon 10-305. Although, it isn’t equipped that much power to slice through harder woods, but for your smaller projects, it’s just all need you’ll need. If you’re going to be working with softer woods exclusively, there’s no point in buying a machine with too much power, which will, in turn, cost your pocket when you could get something that resonates with your needs at a moderate price.

One intriguing thing about this powerful tool is that it features an oversized cast iron table as well as a steel frame. Someone would expect that this machine should be made of plastic with its low price. Without a doubt, you’re getting a better value for money here. 

Interestingly, this machine doesn’t give excessive vibration when on usage, and its micro-adjustable handle gives an assurance of fine cuts. The only snag here is that you may always have to clean the working environment after the operation as it comes with a small dust port. 


  • Powers through softwood
  • Quality parts


  • Small dust port


6. Makita XBP02Z

If you are looking for a band saw that’ll serve you on a long term use without feeling any discomfort, the Makita XBP02Z is right here to make your woodworking operation fun. Now, let’s start with the lock mechanism. Its user-friendly trigger switch tells more about the manufacturer’s mind. 

Besides, it is equipped with a rubber bumper cover, making it long-lasting and comfortable for long-term use. The ergonomic grip handles make angled cuts come easy, and the whole build of this machine concentrates on reducing physical stress when cutting.

The Makita XBP02Z Portable Band Saw is powered by an 18 V lithium-ion battery, and you should know already that you can’t go wrong with it if you intend to use it for a long time. Not only that, it features a 6-setting variable speed control motor and delivers faster cutting within the range 275-530sfpm. Cutting thick woods and keeping balance won’t be an issue with it 4 ¾ inches cutting capacity. 

To ensure an overall convenient experience with this powerful tool, it comes with a LED light to illuminate the work area, and a detachable hook to make woodworking stress-free.


  • Cordless
  • Long battery life
  • 6-setting variable speed control


  • Battery and charger sold separately
  • Does not come with a blade


7. Milwaukee 2429-20

The Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Cordless Sub-Compact band saw Kit is indeed a brilliant choice as it meets all of OSHA’s guarding requirements. It is a cordless and portable machine that makes it easy to undertake projects without the need for too much physical contribution.

Around the blade is a dual latching lower guard protecting you from the blades outside the cutting section. It is powered by a 12 volts battery, a very considerate power you can depend on. In the kit comes a band saw, a battery charger, a sub-compact blade, and a carrying case.

It can cut 150 times during one charge, and in spite of that, it doesn’t give excessive vibration, thus making the saw cut even quieter than expected. 

The Milwaukee band saw comes with an LED light to help illuminate cut lines. Besides, it comes with an adjustable blade tensioning and a lightweight saw (7 pounds), thus, making it easy to carry around without the user getting fatigued.


  • 5-year warranty
  • LED light
  • Multiple speeds
  • Portable
  • Cordless


  • Not a lot of torque
  • Doesn’t have a hanging hook


8. Bosch GCB10-5

The Bosch GCB105 is an electric band saw made of lightweight, and quality materials rounding up to a weight of 14.5 lbs. It is a portable machine suitable for smaller jobs, with a cutting capacity of 4-¾ inches. It comes with an ergonomic design, thus giving a comfortable handle while using it. 

This portable tool comes with an adjustable LED light to keep cut lines on a clear view. It also has a comfortable hanging hook for quick storage. The saw is equipped with a 10-amp electric motor- that’s a considerable power to get most of the cuttings done with ease, and its variable speed up to 380 spm gives more convenience to cutting even thicker woods.

For a compact band saw, this is an excellent choice that will be suitable for almost any woodcutting. The only concern with this power tool is its durability. That is to say, the saw is made of less heavy-duty materials, but its ergonomic design and portability are why woodcutter still can’t trade it for another product.


  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Cost-effective performance


  • None


9. SKIL 3386-01

The SKIL 3306-01 is a portable, and lightweight benchtop band saw emerging with a combination of interesting features. It’s a lightweight machine without giving up its stability during usage, and this is as a result of its cast iron base. Plus, all controls are easy to use and a wide-angle scale for quick reading.

The SKIL 3386-01 is a good option for beginners and remains one of the cheapest band saws on the market in spite of all these intriguing features. Besides, it comes with a 2.5-amp motor, which is just perfect for domestic use.

Cutting a wide variety of angles comes easy with its rack and pinion table. Not only that, attached to this portable band saw is a vacuum hose that can be connected to its dust port so that dust around the work area is reduced to the barest minimum. 

It’s got just two noticeable setbacks, and that is the fact that it vibrates excessively when on usage and features just a single-speed motor. Aside from that, it’s a brilliant handheld band saw to have around. 


  • Affordable
  • LED work light
  • Powerful 2.5-amp motor
  • Precise cutting
  • Dust port
  • Rack-and-pinion system for angle and height adjustments


  • Single-speed motor
  • Excessive vibration


10. Grizzly Industrial G0555XH

The Grizzly G0555 Series Band saw which is coming last on our list is not the least in terms of performance and quality. The manufacturer has put none other things into work other than the quality output steering from its huge power output to high cutting capacity down to every other intriguing feature. 

The band saw is equipped with a superior blade and a guide above and below the table to avoid deflection when cutting. This way, cutting straight patterns won’t be difficult at all.

For those looking for a heavy-duty band saw for a large project, you’ve just got one. The G0555XH comes with 1.75HP motor, powerful enough to cut large woods into smaller sections without putting too much physical strength. Plus, you can do resaw cuts, up to 12 inches thickness with this band saw.

The large 6 inch by 21.75-inch precision computer balanced cast iron wheels is to ensure that vibration is silenced as much possible and to give balance during operation. Besides, the table also features a rack-and-pinion, and it can tilt up to 45 degrees so you won’t have to worry about making an angled cut.


  • Computer balanced cast iron wheels
  • 1.75HP motor
  • High precision angled cut 


  • No hang hooks


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Types of the band saw for woodworking

Best band saw for woodworking

  • Bench-top band saw

A benchtop band saw is one of the major types of band saw used in the workshop for cutting wood and is usually considered a powerful tool. They are more comfortable to use in small woodshops, like workshops in your home garage (for domestic use). And they perform brilliantly just like that of their bigger models.

They don’t usually require a spacious area to house them since that is not as big and powerful as the bigger models of band saws. These band saws often weigh about 60 to 110 pounds and occupy a space of about 200 to 400 square centimetres.

  • Floor standing band saw

Floor standing band saw are the bigger sizes, and they are usually equipped with their on leg such that they don’t need to be placed on a large table anymore. They come in bigger sizes, of a bigger motor, and with high cutting capacity.

Someone would expect that it would produce distracting vibration because of its big size. The good thing about this type is that they only produce less vibration. However, the floor-standing band saw are advisably operated by professional and experienced operators. 

  • Portable band saw

Portable band saws are smaller models that let you take your machine everywhere with you. A portable band saw would serve well for professional carpenters whose operations demand that they be on several woodworking sites, or simply for domestic use. 

A portable hand saw is capable of doing what other models can do, including curved lines, straight edge cuts, and even irregular shapes. Often, these band saw are equipped with battery packs such that you don’t always need a direct power source to get them working.

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How to buy the best woodworking band saw

  • Power

Power is one of the most vital factors that must be taken cognizance of when buying any power tool. Power is one obvious feature that tells the difference between one band saw and the other. The power of the motor determines how easy the band saw will be able to slice through materials. However, a less-powered band saw won’t be able to adequately influence blade speed, precision, and torque while cutting.

  • Cutting Capacity

Every band saw has its unique cutting capacities, which depend mostly on the throat. The throat is the distance from the blades of the band saw to the position of the vertical frame, which determines the width of the cut the band saw can complete. 

  • Blade

You’ll have to be sure of what type of material you’ll be dealing with to have a perfect choice of blade. For instance, the tooth pattern would be best if you want to make finesse cut while the hook-toothed blade is best for only ripping through material.

  • Cutting Speed

Speed is another vital factor one must put into consideration when buying a band saw. Speeds are determined by the material to be cut. For instance, when working with thicker woods, the speed should be reduced. So, the best bet is to get a band saw equipped with variable speed control so that you can easily switch blade speed when the need calls for it. 

  • Frame Style

Most band saws are made of cast iron frame. Some of the newest models are made of welded steel frames, which are usually found with larger saws. Cast iron is a better option to steel frames as steel frames are not usually strong enough and advisable for a single cabinet. Better saws come with a second frame sandwich- welded to the initial. Mind you, and the best saw is that which comes with the third frame or a lateral box-beam to give the needed sturdy support. 


All of the above-discussed band saws are excellent in performance, which will give the best-finished cut you desire. Once you’re sure of what exactly you intend using the band saw for, then you are just one step closer to choosing the right one for you. 

We believe now that you are well-versed about the necessary tips and guides to make the perfect buying decision regarding a band saw. Therefore, it won’t be as difficult as before you started reading this review to find the right band saw that fits perfectly with your requirements.


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